Tuesday, July 22, 2008

updates of history

It's occurred to me that I haven't plugged "A History of Universalism in North Carolina"!
I was waiting to get a scan of the cover - but wasn't able to (my scanner is currently gone - a 24 pound cat sleeping on it doesn't help electronics)
A History of Universalism in North Carolina c/o Guild Masters P O Box 31184 Raleigh NC 27622-1184. The price is 24.95 plus 5.00 shipping and handling

I skimmed through 1946 of the "Star In the West" and I see that Allen Fuller and D.B. Clayton were acting as agents to sell subscriptions. When one of the southern papers went under, the subscribers list went to the Star (of Cincinnati Ohio)

I had someone make an interesting comment (ie: Shecut wrote a manuscript about the Charleston Church) - I'll be glad to hear more about it
(and I've changed the comments section to add the year to it, to make it easier to follow reading).

I like the quote from Rev Semple (last post) and hope to continue to put their own words back in the mouths of these folks.

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