Sunday, December 24, 2006

Southern Illinois U and U history website

Is like the website I would like to do (and indeed started using one of Scott Wells then unused websites) - One of the advantages of a website instead of a book (even one like REBELLION IN THE MOUNTAINS: THE STORY OF UNIVERSALISM AND UNITARIANISM IN VERMONT (1976) Edith Fox McDonald is that corrections can continue to be added as they are found.

Saturday, December 16, 2006

Back to Basics

Ok, it's back to basics on this blog -
This is now a history blog and will remain so.
The exceptions will be pictures of current southern Universalist Churches (and maybe some universalist Churches) and maybe items of interest to folks interested in southern Universalist history.

I have lots of items to tel: what famous southern writer had an Uncle who was a Universalist - and maybe an Unitarian - minister? which famous dogs were breed by an Universalist minister? What other old southern school was founded by an Universalist minister? What southern Universalist minister was a private in the Confederate army and what southern Universalist minister was a Lieutant? What southern Universalist minister was a Chaplin in the confederate army? (hint: he wasnt an Universalist then!) Which southern Universalist ministers became Spirtualists? What famous southern small town was founded mainly by Universalists?

The non-history material will be moving over to

as I try to tidy my blogs and my life!