Thursday, July 17, 2008

J. W. Hanson Quote #1

Definition of Christian

Back in 1892 J. W. Hanson defined Christian as

"all those who accept Christ as an authoritative teacher, in whatever attitude of being they may locate him or whatever extent to his mission they may give, are entitled to be called Christian. Christians are those who accept his claims as they understand them, and are endeavoring to be his followers." (A Pocket Cyclopedia, published by the Universalist Publishing House - which was owned by the Universalist Church).

Would this have been a controversial definition then, or one used in the South in 1892, I'm not sure. It does remind us that we need to not define folks by our definition of them, but by their own definition of themselves.

I stumbled across this definition while responding to
An Unitarian Universalist Minister In Mississippi

and is offered in the spirit of
Universalist Quote of the Day

Hanson lived in New England and the Mid-west, and was a prolific writer and editor for Universalism and other subjects (wrote a book on Dwight Moody!) - He's probably the most quoted historic Universalist minister out there in the 21st century.

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