Wednesday, November 30, 2005

More and More Books

As I put my books up (in the unread piles), I thought I would at least list them here....

Memoir of Mary L. Ware by Edward B. Ball (1853)
Radical Spirits by Ann Braude (2nd edition 2001) southern U content!
Roots of Southern Populism by Steven Hahn (1983) no u content
Encylopedia of Fantastic Victorianna (2005) Jess Nevins - no expected u content
Never Surrender (2004) W. Scoot Poole - no u content
The Shaker Expeience in America (1992) Stephen J. Stein

and the new book on the UU youth movment "We would be One" (surprising southern U in here!)

Monday, November 28, 2005

Kinda Quiet

Ive been kinda quiet --and for those who want personal nater

let's see, this thanksgiving weekend, went up to Spartanburg SC, and had turkey dinner with my mother, sister and her family, and brother and his family (other sister in California)

Friday morning, my wife and I went to Cowpens Battlefield (site of the Battle of Cowpens)
driving through Landrum, we looked for the Palmetto Trail trailhead.
and we opted to go to Asheville, NC .

saturday, we spent big bucks to see Biltmore House . We got there before opening on probably their biggest day of the year; no big delay - but we had to miss the winery as there was a 1 1/2 hour delay - and they had 1600 folks in the winery the first hour they were open! Ate s nice meal at the Deerpark (buffet - price a bit high for southerners, but the food was excellent).
Saturday afternoon, we hit all the used and collectable bookstores in downtown Asheville.

Sunday morning, we stoped in Spartanburg to attend services at the UU Church there -
the pulpit exchange had us listening to the Asheville minister there.

Universalist readingwise, I read Elehanan Winchester's biography, and stuck my toe into Radical Spirits (which I was surprised to see quoted LFW Andrews - although they didnt source his quote!) -- I will remark on these more later.

and how was your holiday?

Saturday, November 12, 2005

More Stuff I bought

picked up a copy of the out of print THE SCRAPBOOK; A COMPLIATION OF HISTORICAL FACTS ABOUT PLACES AND EVENTS OF LAURENS COUNTY SOUTH CAROLINA (1982) one of those thick books that contain genalogical info that residents send in - this volume even less usefull because of no index....
... but it does have a history of the Bethabara Baptist Church, and does indeed admit that it was open to all at first (ie: Union Meeting House); and a semi-arial view of Mountville SC - and there is the Mountville Universalist Cemetary, and that must mean that building beside it, is the old Mountville Universalist Church!
some old maps too, with plats listed
come on over, pull up and chair - and pull down some books!

Saturday, November 05, 2005

Stuff I wont be running

Despite my 140 year gossip the last post, (and needless to say that despite Elizabeth Boatwright Coker's fact turned fiction book, that was gossip and not fact); that I wont be posting 60-70 year old gossip. Even though in this case, I got some scans of this incident from a late 1940s true crime comic book!!!

I have to admit that at first jaw drop, I wanted to post a page or two (and the comic is public domain now, so I could publish it all) -- untill it hit me, that while this was bizarre stuff for me, this was somebody who is still living's next generation relative --- and since it has nothing to do with Universalism ( I dont think this person was Universalist, just their ancestors) ---
-- that I will pass, and will pass on the nortorious lives of anyone born after 1900 -- unless there is an Universalist History reason for including it --

Stuff I bought and read

not much posting, but much reading
-- stuff I found out -- Mary Boozer (the gossip about of which one still can reed 150 years later - she did what with General Kirkland? She married a what? etc etc - and the best looking woman in the south during the war ) was the step daughter of Jacob Feaster.
Probably Scott Wells is the only reading this who would get a kick out of that info!
but ill go ahead and mention that the Feaster family was the founders of southern universalism... but I suspect Mary and her mother were not Universalists.....

today, I went to a worshop on the history Society Hill, SC -- settled by Welch Baptists, the presenter said a few things about Rev. E. Winchester - I was able to give hm more information on the Rev, and he plans to talk to me more about him -- I expect to loan him the biography of EW.

To figure more out about SC Universalists, I bought two books:
Ederington's History of Fairfield County, South Carolina (2003- written 1901)
which is where the Feasters became Universalists
Laurens and Newberry Counties, SC: Saluda and Little River Settlements 1749-1775 (1994)
Jesse H. Motes III, Margaret P. Motes
which contains all the pre-war land settlements on Coleman, Martin, etc with plats of where the land is -- so I can look at neigbors -- this should help figuing out the full settlements of the Quakers and the German Baptists that help lay the foundation for SC universalism (and maybe even start some info on who those pesky 7th day baptists were....

Noting that one of the earlier Ohio Universalist Churches was in Newberry pre-1840, and knowing that many folks from Newberry, SC went to Ohio in the 1810s-1820s; I wonder if there might be a connection....

so not much posting, but much studying still!