Sunday, August 10, 2008

my genealogy silliness

When I first saw the Coleman family history, I was intrigued with one thing - the frequent use of the "Roe" middle name. I discovered that the matriarch of the Newberry Colemans came from Halifax county North Carolina.
My family was in eastern North Carolina since around 1700. "Wouldnt it be cool" I thought (yes, I do think that way, at least I didnt think "wouldnt it be boss....") if I was related to the Coleman-Feaster family.
I suspect we know where I'm heading with this, so I'll cut to the chase - the alleged connection is the immigrant William Wroe, who moved to Westmoreland County Virginia, dying in 1730. A son was my ancestor, a daughter married the Colemans. The Wroes also went by Roes.
So now, I can look at the Colemans, who became Universalists sometime in the 1700s, and moved and founded Universalist Churches from Florida to Mississippi, and know that they were my people indeed....

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