Monday, September 01, 2008

"Universalist Miscellany"

Occasionally I thought I would mention what "new" old items I've
recently acquired. One of the reasons is to let folks know that I
(and others here) have resources available to us.

Universalist's Miscellany Volume 1 - 5 1797 -1801
Universal Theological Magazine volume 6 - 7 1802 -1802

an UK publication, edited by William Vidler.

This is one of the earliest Universalist magazine / newspapers.
It is mainly of theological bent, but does include some items of
historical bent. I see that they published a pamphlet (book?) on De Benneville.

Vidler was inspired by, and a friend of short-term South Carolina resident (and when Vidler knew him, English resident) Elehanan Winchester. I'm afraid that I don't know enough to know how much Vickers and English Universalism was influenced by Winchester.
In 1806, the publication was sold, and became "the Monthly Repository" lasting to 1838 as an English Unitarian publication.