Monday, March 19, 2007

a lull in the action

Hmm, pardon the lull in the action here.

There's been a little bit of talking about Charleston SC Universalist Historical Society mailing list.
Talking about Shecut (I didnt mention I picked up volume one of his novel, did I?) and the address of the Church was given, and that the money was invested when the building was sold. You dont have to be a member of the UUHS to be on their email list (of course membership has its privilege).

I admit that I haven't done much work on southern Universalism history recently,
haven't stirred up those boxes of notes to see what comes up.

I did see the name of an unknown minister in Moundville, SC; so it's been tempting.....
but Ive been researching my mother's family in Ohio and Pa - and have now gotten her a breakthrough back to German in the 1740s. She's been wanting this information for 60 years (ever since the DAR stuck their tounge out at her and said "prove it"). We knew about the Rice family and their bravado -spies for Gen Washinton - but we just couldnt prove that they married into the family (even though a brother and a sister married a sister and a brother). Probably still cant prove it. I couldn't join the DAR anyway, and could work on the SAR from my dad's side of the family if I really wanted to. but my mother is in poor health, and a picture of her grandfather's grandfather, and stories about him were a little tonic for her.

The Universalist Convocation will be within 33 miles of the old Rice farm in New Pittsburgh (Wayne Co) , Ohio; so you can bet I will put my feet on the ancestor's soil, when I go to the UC in six weeks.