Sunday, May 28, 2006

C. F. R. Shehane

I wish I knew more about the Rev C. F. R. Shehane; but from what little I do know, Im glad I didnt KNOW C.F.R. Shehane.... but all I wanted to do today is to quote a blurb taken from the June 22, 1855 issue of the Vermont Patriot of Montpelier, Vt. I'm not sure I necessarily believe it, although I dont really doubt it was published! " UNIVERSALIST PREACHER FATHER SHEHANE - called by the people "the walking Bible". In an Alabama court it was discovered there was no Bible, so the judge had the jurors swear by placing their hands on the preacher."

Tuesday, May 23, 2006

More Rev Daniel B. Clayton Genealogical stuff

At the Universalist Convocation, I asked a question about Rev Daniel Clayton, and I was told (by someone, CS?) that I was the expert on Clayton! Hmm... i dont know if I would go that far, although I confess I do know some of the trivia ... Clayton had a great granddaughter who married a guy who pitched for the Brooklyn Dodgers!

Anyway, while Clayton and his second wife and two of his sons are burried in Columbia, SC;

In the Red Banks Cemetery in Red Banks, Mississippi
are burried

William Clayton (May 13, 1791-August 5, 1856)
Elizabeth Clayton (September 24, 1794-December 26, 1869)
this would be D,B,'s father and step-mother. At least I hope this is the step-mother.

also burried there
Rebecca B. Clayton (November 5, 1821 - September 7, 1847)
married November 5, 1839
yes, she married D. B. on her 18th birthday - died before her 26th.
He calls her the love of his life.
Sallie Clayton (died August 18, 1856, age 10 months)
the daughter of Clayton and his second wife Mary A.
Her formal name was Sarah, and she was born on October 18.

Other Claytons in the cemetary, I havent done research on D.B.'s half siblings and cousins.

universalist Convocation at Our Home Photos - part1

part 2 will be when I get the next reel finished!

Pictures from Canon Ga 2006

So I actually developed two rolls of film so far this year!

Wednesday, May 17, 2006

Rev Irwin Part 3

Her tombstone states

Oh, send me out to tell
the Nations of a Love
that bars no soul outside
That Heavenly Home above.

Clayton Memorial - Newberry - pictures part 2

More pictures from last summer

Clayton Memorial - Newberry

they have a new sign now: this is the old one.....

Sunday, May 14, 2006

Last current thoughts on Mississippi

I'm probably not going to post anymore on Mississippi, untill i get my pictures in (one set is at the developers, the others probably will have another 10 pictures to go....)

"Our Home Universalist Unitarian Church" is a wonderful name...
they had a timeline on the wall of important church events, and photographs of past ministers (and layleaders) - thus keeping their history alive to current and next generations. I wish I had copied the dates of ministers - especially since ive been trying to keep up with Rev Rasnake who was there (if my memory serves) from c1942 to his death in 1950.
I bought souvineers of course, t-shirts (on sale) and a cd-r of "Free Chruch of Jones", a bluegrass single recorded in 1983 by Papa Reece Owens (off an LP made at that time). Probably the only bluegrass UU Church song; certainly one of only a handful of UU church songs.
Went to Buruss Memorial , where the hurricane damage was worse than at Our Home - It looks as if there may be some structual damage inside. There was reports of vandalism, but I couldnt tell which was hurricane and which was vandal. We pulled out two Universalist books out of the boxes of books - one a copy of one of I. M. Atwood's contributions to the "Manuals and Faith and Duty" -- and the other, a copy of D.B. Clayton's "47 Years in the Universalist Ministry". I found it interesting that the cover binding was a different color than mine, and that there wasnt a photograph of Clayton as the frontpiece. Apparently there were two editions?

If you're in southwest Mississippi near I-59 on Sunday Morning at either Ellisville or Laurel; stop by "Our Home"! I suspect that you'll be glad you did.

Tuesday, May 09, 2006

UC - Our Home, day 3

posted two days late....

buisness meeting in the AM, I am nominated to do the new UC mailing list

Morning church service even had the Pastor Rev Luck in tears of joy!

and a great lunch! afraid to weigh myself.....

after hours, we went to Burrus Memorial Church -

Saturday, May 06, 2006

UC - Our Home, day 2

Long day at the church - but a long great day!

Day starts with a service by the Rev. Derek Parker -
a wonderful preacher, and he would seem to be a wonderful minister....

Rev Gordon Gibson talked about Mississippi's own Judith S. Murray -

I attended the Rev. Doak Mansfield's talk on Social Justice, and how to do it - I confess to always enjoying hearing liberal southern preachers - the sound feels good! Heard some good ideas

There was a talk about Unitarians in southeast Europe and the hope for a Universalist future there.

Martha Thompson spoke about the UUSC

and last, but far from last: the dynamic Linda Foshee spoke on the history of Universalism in the deep south - lots of singing and slides! Very fun way to end a productive day.

(note that I didnt make any comment about the food..... or the fellowship ... I ran out of superlatives!)

Friday, May 05, 2006

Universalist Convocation at Our Home 2006

Our Home Universalist Unitarian Church in Ellisville Mississippi !

We made it to Laurel and Ellisville on Friday (spending much of the morning in Alabama at Moundville - touring the old mounds - built 1000 years ago)

Met the leaders of the Our Home Church, meet nice folks that I met last year - (Rich Kostner says the subscriptions of the Universalist Herald are up from last year !) Talking to some nice new folks --

Rev Lapoint wants to make sure we look for now and the future - as no one can live in the past --
Rev Chandler started his service by saying that seeing the picture of Daniel Bragg Clayton on the wall reminds him that Clayton used to preach for 3-4 hours and folks would love it -
-- I was wondering if he was trying to beat Clayton's record tonight.... Longest UU service I had ever attended, good thing that we ate before hand! My wife says she told me I should have had regular instead of decaf!

Tomorrow starts at 9 and runs to 8 or 9 - but lunch and dinner are on the schedule. and I will remember to nix on decaf!

Thursday, May 04, 2006

Mississippi, you're on my mind....

Ok, Im off to Mississippi! and the Universalist Convocation!
got two days to get there - we're taking the scenic route!

reports from the UC, depend on net acess!

see ya!