Monday, July 27, 2009

Misc and more misc II - mostly Georgia

After serious contemplation, I won't be attending the Georgia Convention - my car is needed elsewhere, and it really doesn't make sense for me to rent a car to go to the convention. The fact that i was seriously considering it - says just how excited I was, and how disappointed I am to be missing it. I hope that someone reading this, does go and can give us a report.
(the car being needed elsewhere is for a not-so-secret project of my wife).

I have been studying Georgia some, particularly looking at Monticello and Jasper County were a small band of Universalists were in the early 20th Century. Descendants of Archibald Standifer (of Jasper county) had claimed him to be an Universalist preacher. I've seen no mention of him in the Universalist Registers, but then I've seen others who I know were ministers not in the Registers either (ok, usually because they died before the registers got good and acurate). I then learned that Standifer had been a Christian (Diciples of Christ) minister in the 1830s - preaching at the Republician Meeting House nee' Antioch (still in southern Oconee county near Watkinsville). He was also a subcriber to CFR Shehane's Georgia/ South Carolina DOC newspaper from around that period of time. Did Standifer, like Shehane become Universalist? Not enough information to really know.

I looked briefly at the southwest corner of Georgia looking for (and at) the small Universalist Churches there. I cant come up with family names yet - although a few towns show up. What I really find is my lack of knowledge of Georgia geography and history (once we get past 1-95). So I'm looking at maps and reading history. and the same is true for other parts of the south.

I spent some time at Newberry with G - she showed me where the Hartford Meeting House is (now a rental home) - and we tried to find the Huntsville cemetary is (and thus the old Huntsville Union Church. Now, I had found particuarly good directions to within a few hundred yards of the site. And much to my irritation, the terrian has changed so much, that we couldnt find the cemetary. anybody reading this blog have co-ordinates to it?
the Teague family was mostly burried at their family cemetary, so we didnt expect much to find, it was the idea. The revoluntionary war battlesite nearby remains unmarked as well.

Friday, July 10, 2009

2009 Georgia Universalist News

I was forwarded a copy of some recent news.

The 2009 Georgia Universalist Convention meets in early August, in connection with the Rockwell Church annual Homecoming.
The 2009 Windsor Homecoming will be in September.