Thursday, July 17, 2008

Fork Ridge, West Virginia

From the CHRISTIAN LEADER dated september 17, 1927

Fork Ridge. - This church has been having preaching twice each Sunday during August, by Rev. W.G. Price of Columbus [Ohio], who spent his vacation here. congregations have averaged about seventy-five. One new member united with the church. Aug. 26-28 the West Virginia Confrence met here, and was well attended, Stanley Stall, State Superinteddent of Ohio, and Rev. Elmer Druley and Rev. W.G. Price each spoke twice. W. M. Crouch was re-elected president. Miss Eva Terrill secretary, John Ritchea treasure. The Fork Ridge church voted to co-operate with Mr. Stall in settling a pastor for services every two months. a sign is to be placed in front of the building and new song books secured.

notes: Fork Ridge is located near Moundsville and Glen Eaton, and is in the panhandle of West Virginia, between Ohio and Pennselvania. The church lasted from 1835 to the late 1990s.


Scott Wells said...

the late 1990s?!

SC Universalist said...

while the UUA (and UA and UCA) directories arent 100% accurate, the church is listed up to 1995/6, but is gone by 1999/2000.

(and I will be happy to take any unwanted directories - and will gladly take scans and Xeroxes as well)