Wednesday, June 14, 2006

half a sentance of a Clayton letter to the editor

ok, ok, ok, this is so minor "Much ado about Nothing" - that Im mentioning this here, so you can skip it - this is really misc - out of context - and frankly here only to remind me the next time I want to get eye strain by reading poor scratchy microfilm, what to look for. this is for those of us - ok me - who want to know everyword Clayton said ....

Ive read through microfilm issues of THE STATE looking for Clayton mentions (ok, i cheated with the exception of a year where it wasnt available, I read the microfilmed index first), but somehow I missed the below excerpt . Said excerpt taken in who knows what context from THE STATE and put in the 1982 book, MILL AND TOWN IN SOUTH CAROLINA 1890-1920, David L. Carlton, Louisana State University Press.

two comments before the quote; THE STATE quickly became the leading Columbia SC newspaper, but Clayton's son - Albert (A.W.) Clayton had owned an afternoon Columbia paper that was a competor to THE STATE. Another son, Virgil (V. P.) had been Postmaster of Columbia, an appointed political position. Virgil had various letters in THE STATE, where he defended himself (at one time THE STATE accused him of forcing postal employees of voting Republican), and offered political solutions
This before Albert went back to Feasterville area, and Virgil down to Charleston for a higher appointed political position

"The Revered D.B. Clayton complained in 1896, of the 'cupidity of lounging, loafing, lazy men.'"
June 7. 1896.

See I told you it was much ado --- we all know that lounging loafing lazy men are like that!