Thursday, March 10, 2011

So why haven't I posted research recently?

At last report I was not even half way through trying to figure out the lifestories of the Universalists living in Atlanta in the late 1800s. And the title above pretty much explains the problem. With vague clues, I was looking for unwritten stories and writing them. A not impossible feet, but time consuming. The present keeps rearing its head as well -- but...
I will be doing a talk on D. B. Clayton at this years Universalist Convocations and I've also been involved in planning it. I've done most of my research on the life of Clayton already (I do plan to go to Savannah this weekend to see his son-in-laws grave), but I need to percolate the aspects of his life important to those of us 100 years later.
I have been picking up items to read - I note that "A Palmetto Boy" the diary and letters of James Adams Tillman does confirm that BR Tillman, Sr had a chapel built on his property, he being an Universalist does suggest it had Universalist preachers there. Also mentions some folks who the Tillmans might have known from the Universalist Churh. On a personal note - my wife has some of her family mentioned too.
"North Carolina Portraits of Faith" does have some nice pictures from Red Hill - including a birthday celebration for Rev Clayton.
Georgia and the Union -1850 - is the best "modern" source (with footnotes) on LFW Andrews problems in Macon in 1850. The conclussion is there was serious problems, and his paper did miss a couple of days, but he wasn't run out of town.
And I found who had the Freedonia Meeting House on their property -- unfortunately he had multiple properties, and my source didn't indicate which property ("more on this later")