Monday, July 24, 2006

Saluda SC and Brewton Al

Not that I can tie in Saluda SC and Brewton Al Universalist Church(es) - but I was thinking of both yesterday and today.

Someone was telling me yesterday that they were in the Saluda SC church building 20-25 years ago, and was able to see stars that had been painted on the interior roof of the church. They asked me if that was common in Universalist Churches - I dont think so...

At one time, the Brewton Alabama Universalist Church was one of the largest in the south. In the 1950s Rev. Richard W. Knost had his radio show "Universalist Hour" broadcast from there. Not sure when the church ended - but the building is currently housing the
Cornestone Community Church of God. Families would be McGowan, Miller, etc.

Monday, July 17, 2006


In the mail today was a copy of VOICES OF THE FAITH: A BIRTHDAY BOOK, by J. W. Hanson.
"Containing a selection for Every Day of the Year from Writers expressing the Universalist Faith"
(4th edition 1891)

so like most folk I checked my birthday ( in my case it's August 13) and much to my surprise.
it's a quote by Rev. D. B. Clayton

"An important work will be done toward the saving of this word and the saving of every soul in it, when intemperance and licentiousness and gambling, and all forms of oppression, and all other great moral evils, are done away. Every dram-shop, every gambling hall, every all of intemperance, or gambling, or licentousness that exists, is a force working against the cause of universal salvation; and the degree that we give it any countenance or support we are woking against the will of God. When we profess belief in the final salvation of all; when we declare it to be God's will, and then give countenance to, or fail to contend against, anything that corrupts morals, or deadens spirtual life - is there any greater impiety than that?"

Friday, July 14, 2006

"Who knows where the time goes"

I see it's been a full month since I posted here - doesnt seem that long...

been on the road some of those times (two weekends in Raleigh for family buisness - and yes my nephew will be going to Guillford College - a College associated with the Society of Friends. And No, I wont be having him do research for me on those Teagues and other SC Friends who became Universalists.

I've also been having to work ! And to be honest, the sort of work I do can be draining
(yeah, yeah, I know - isnt that why they call it work instead of play?)

But I havent been totaly forgetting southern Universalist history -
- I recently read "We Would be One: A History of Unitarian Universalist Youth Movements" which i will mention later the various southern universalist parts -

Im currently reading the "Procedings of the Universalist Centennial .... 1870"
There is a report from a distant relative (about her Sunday School), Mrs Outlaw refuses to be discouarged - thank goodness. And yes, I will quote here.

I continue with my other interests, done a lot of work for a tribute to artist Al Hartley, and a tribute to editor / writer Richard Hughes just reprinted, has inserted a credit for work i did 20 years ago, and never recieved credit for. i continue to visit revolutionary war sites in the Carolinas (there are well over 200 in SC alone, so i dont really expect to get to all of them).

Lastly, I honor my father-in-law by watching episodes of Maison Ikkoku -
(a mild joke that nobody will get - least of all him)

and did you know, it's hot in the south??
no wonder they drank alot of booze - and why the Universalists were temperance.....

best wishes all
steven r