Saturday, July 05, 2008

Blue Heaven above

I'm up in Haywood County NC, having visited Inman's Chapel (and various other NC historic sites), I'm going to blog more about the actual church later - but I am very excited about the work that the Inman family are doing, both on their restoration and on their family and Church history. The chapel looks wonderful and what research I've heard and seen seems accurate. Very well done, I will be praising them more later -
Today though, I want to talk about and ask about blue ceilings. The ceiling at Inman's Chapel was painted blue - as the original ceiling was blue. I have been told that the church near Saluda, SC also had a blue ceiling. That church would have been built around the same time. Rev. Terry Robinson, also visiting, mention that he knew of a blue ceiling in an Unitarian Church.
This weekend I am reading a book where blue is mentioned as a popular color in some of the early churches - I havent seen anything about blue ceilings though - but of course these things set my mind to wondering - can folks name more blue ceiling Churches?

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