Thursday, March 30, 2006

picture of booklet

The No Hell People

this small booklet was published in 1985 for the upcoming 100th anniversary of the Georgia Universalist Convention. The author, William Howard Balkan, was then the minister of Rockwell Universalist in Winder, Ga. I know almost nothing of Rev Balkan, other than he was a minister at Canon, Ga as well, and was a previous Luthern minister.
Sadly enough the 1965-1985 chapter 'we pause' could be written as 1965-2005.... as things remain about the same.....


"everything in moderation" is not exactly something that Universalists would say: but the Buddha did, and what's good enough for him is good enough for me! More seriously, I have enabled moderation for comments. Not due to anything the readers of this blog have said or done, but because of drive-by-spammers. Until today I could put you with shoe and pottery ads, and all the rest (and just delete them), but today this blog got x-rated material. Now, while this is always a possibility that some x-rated material might be acceptable for this blog - this wasn't it. (hey anything is always a possibility!). Since I do take vacations, and I don't like the idea of that particular spam sitting on my blog for a week or so -- all comments from now on will be moderated. Frankly I don't see any likelihood of someone making any offensive comment here other than spammers, so I haven't made any moderation policies other than that. Please don't prove me wrong!

Tuesday, March 28, 2006

Universalism and Universal Salvation

i found this short observation in the July 9, 1896 issue of THE CHRISTIAN LEADER to be worth passing on - unsigned but maybe by George H. Emerson

Universalism is not exactly convertible with universal salvation. Universalism presents indeed the issue of the final salvation of all souls, but it includes this - it is not simply IT. Universalism is a system of truths; it has many parts with many applications to life and conduct. The being, character, supremacy of God; his relations to the world and particularly to the beings created in His image; the consequent relations of souls to Him and to one another; the claims of justice and humanity and the privilege of worship - there are particulars enough to give matter for octavos. But the salvation of all mankind, essential to keep the system intact, is but a principal point, There are we find, many believers in Universal Salvation; but there are not so many believers in full Universalism.

he also says later in the page:

Universalists are more doctrinal in their thought, temper and habitual speech as they get further from the Universalist centres. We note that our Pennsylvania Conventions and Associations emphasize the doctrines of Universalism far more than do the Conventions and Associations of New York and Massachusetts. The letters of Dr. Shinn and the reports that come from Texas are "full of the doctrine" and for the reason that the atmosphere of those places puts Universalists on the defence. It would do any of our young men just out of Theological School good to try a campaign in New Jersey and the South. It would "set them" for life and make them better preachers for Boston and New York.

Universalist Convocation at Our Home

Universalist Convocation at Our Home -
Our Home UU Church in Ellisville Mississippi that is.

May 5-7, 2006

see the Our Home UU website

and click on the links for the details.

How can you not go? After all, I'll be there!

well - ok, so will lots of other folks who will actually be speaking:
Rev. Justin Lapoint, Rev Gordon Gibson, rev Doak M. Mansfield, Rev Richard Trudeau, Rev. Derrek Parker, Rev. Jacqueline Luck.

and a couple of people who arent Rev.s: John Lapoint, Martha Thompson, and Linda Foshee on Universalism in the Deep South --

and a church packed full of Universalists and universalists!
How can you miss it?

Thursday, March 23, 2006

Rev Irwin part 2

hmm, somehow the scans didnt show up....

Rev. Athalia L. J. Irwin - A Bouquet of Verses

For those of you who read the UU history magazine, Rev Irwin was featured in an article in the last few years - certainly saved me a lot of research! As noted earlier in the blog, I went to her grave in Columbia, SC - and will at some point post pictures. On her tombstone is words to one of her poems, and this little book contains more. It was privately printed in 1905, dedicated to her friend of spiritual benefactor, the Rev. Quillen H. Shinn, D. D. As typical of poems of that era, they're sentimental - the Victorian era was known for that. I include below not the best poem, but a typical (and atypical shorter) one. She includes a poem written July 1898, when she left the Baptist Church - and one she wrote on the day she was ordained as an Universalist minister, November 30, 1902. Father Clayton didn't keep his Columbia SC Universalist Church open very long - but certainly Rev Irwin was one of the major highlites!

Sunday, March 12, 2006

My Going to various U Churches - part 1 introduction

Today, I had planned a crazy plot of going to Red Hill Universalist, near Clinton NC
hearing the service there, and then heading fast back to Florence SC UU and hearing the service there (eating lunch in the car) . The Florence folks would appreciate that, as we have the hymnals.....

We've been to Red Hill a couple of times, usually making a day trip of it;
but I had heard that someone was going to be doing a talk on a topic I was highly interested in.
So I wanted to go. And didnt want to not fullfill my responsiblities to my local church either.
(note that important word: responsiblities)

The topic I was interested in, was made smaller, and a new - more important topic added -
and I still wanted to go.

But this morning, I woke up - sinsus were bad, head was throbbing, and I just knew we couldnt drive all those miles and then drive all the way back with no break ...

So my SO looked at me with amazement when I said that "it doesnt make much sense to go, does it?" And as the time approaches 10 AM, I feel bad that Im not at Taylor's Bridge, getting ready to discuss the sunday school lesson....

... at least I will be going to an UU service later today....

Ya know there are people who dont want to go 10 minutes to their local church - why do i go 30 -45 minutes (one way) to mine, and why would I litteraly spend hours going to 2-3 other churches?

Not going to provide an answer in this introduction,
(of course, that's why its an introduction!)

Saturday, March 11, 2006

Canon, GA again

Scott Wells linked to the previous post (and he even got a comment on it!)

so, I figured i would get another link from this one ;-)

so, Scott, did you get to live and this place? and note Rev Rasnake....

Thursday, March 02, 2006

What the Universalist Church is Doing 1907-1909

this is "an illustrated Compendium of Information Relating Chiefly to the Years 1907-1909"
complied by the General Superintendent William McGlauflin.

"Faith working through Love"

I need to get my scanner working as this includes a picture of the "Universalist Headquarters in Canon, Georgia" a two story building with equipment costing $5,500. Home of the Universalist Herald, Rev. John M. Bowers, editor and propereitor; and the headquaters of the district Supervisior, Rev. J.M. Rasnake

The National Council of Superinendents are pictured, Rev A. G. Strain of Ariton, Alabama.
Rev C. W. Hilstren of Hopkinsville, Ky. Rev L.R. Robinson of Harriman, Tenn, Rev Thomas Chapman of Clinton, NC. The 25 state superintendents include Rev. J. M. Rasnake of the Canon Georgia District, Rev John S. Cook in South Carolina.
Chatanooga, Tenn got their first pastor.

the Women's National Missionary Association surports a Home Mission and church extention movement at Durham NC - Rev W.O. Bodell in charge.

the Young People's Christian Union has led missions in Harriman, Tenn, and Atlanta Ga.
it's convention in 1894 in Harriman, Tenn was the first National Universalist meeting in the south. Its 1900 convention in Atlanta was the second.

The Junior Young People's Christian Union was founded in Harriman, Tenn in 1894 by Mary Grace Canfield, who was its first superintendent.

Universalist Herald is a weekly - Devoted to Temperance, Moderation and reasonable interpertaion of Religion.

there are two other southern universalist papers
the Colored Universalist, edited by Rev. Joseph Jordan of Suffolk, Va
and the Universalist Bulletin, published in South Carolina!

New Church buildings include
Tarpon Springs, Florida - the old building burned in 1908, new building and parsonage
Camp Hill, Alabama - 263 members

New Parsonage include
Canon, Ga

Mission work includes
Rev Richard M. Smith working in Montgomery, Al
Rev. J. Wyatt in North Georgia
Rev Leonidas A. Lowery in South Georgia
Rev W. O. Bodell in Durham, NC - working for WNMA
Rocky Mount, NC - planning to build, owns lot
Pink Hill, NC - Union of Universalists and Unitarians in 1908, own building
Chattanoga, Tn - organized 1907
Newberry, SC - building parsange

pictures include: the 1907 Outlaw's Bridge NC building; Burruss church in Hamburg, Florida,
Clinton, NC church building

missionary work in Suffolk, Va; Co-operative Church in Cuba,

and news flash: October 1909 committee exists to build a church to honor S. H. Quinn in the south - among the members were the southern supers and: Mrs. M. O. Winstead, NC; W. Crouch, WVA; John S. Cook, Newberry SC (new super); W. M. Conine, Al; Mrs. T. C. Credile, Fl; and Rev Ahalia L.J. Irwin, NY

besides Cook mentioned above, another new super is Charles P. Hall of Penasacola, Fl.

Mississippi NWMA state convention founded.