Thursday, February 18, 2010

White-Ward Memorial Universalist Church, Pine Park, Georgia

The first Universalist Church in southwest Georgia, and about 50 miles from the nearest other Universalist Church (in Florida).

Church founded in 1898
building dedicated in 1907

Daniel Patterson Ward (1869-1938) charter member
gave the land and lumber for the church building
1906/7 16 families, 12 members;
Rev. Stanley Manning, circuit minister; G. A. White, clerk;
1907, Feb 24; building dedicated - built next to school
1920s monthly services, attended by other church's membership - as Pine Park was a circuit route for other denominations as well.
1942 services held
1943/1944 Rev. Roger D. Bosworth of the Atlanta Church was temporary providing services.
1948 no services in a couple of years, most members therefore having transferred their membership (to Hamburg, Florida?)

at some point the building became the 4-H Hut (1950s or 1960s)
in the 1990s, it was apparently the Pine Park Community Center.
by 2002, vandals had knocked the doors in.
In 2006, the building was acquired by Baptist college of Florida in Graceville, Florida.
given to them by Janice Ward, daughter-in-law of D. P. Ward
May 2006 Building was restored and in their Heritage Circle, now being used for teaching Southern Baptist ministers.
contains before and after pictures.

former location: 6 miles west of Cario on US 84. On left, Just before the convenience store. A monument for the church was placed there in 2006.