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Kentucky 1847/8

Kentucky had enough Universalist Churches in the pre-Civil War era, that they split them into associations. The standing clerk in the 1848 state Convention was Rev. E. M. Pingree of Louisville.

LICKING association. Rev. C. B. Tharp of Paris was the standing clerk. 6 societies:
Harrison County: 1st - Rev. C.G. Cox lives in Leesburg.
Bank Lick - meeting house
Fleming County: 1st
Fleming County: 2nd - meeting house, near Paris
Bourbon County: 1st - new society
Berea - meeting house - new society

the name Licking comes from the Licking River, a river in Northeast Kentucky that flows northwest empting into the Ohio River opposite Cincinnatti, Ohio at the towns of Covington and Newport.
Bank Lick is an unincorporated area in Kenton County, not far from Interstates 71 and 75. Just south of what is now the Cincinnati Ohio Metropolitan area. Harrison County is about 60 miles south of the Ohio, and conatins the town of Cynthiana, where Rev. S. Stirman lived in 1847. Boubon County is southwest of Harrison County and is where Paris is located, home of the Rev. C.B. Tharp, who had been a "partialist" minister and Rev Henry Webster, not yet in formal fellowship.. it's also where the Cain Ridge meetings of 1801 was held.
the current Berea Kentucky is in Madison County, but is said to have been known as "Glade" prior to 1855, so this might not be the same Berea.

MURRAY ASSOCIATION, E. M. Pingree, Louisville, standing clerk
Louisville: 1st - has Meeting House - Rev E. M. Pingree preacher
Shelby County: 1st - meeting house in Clay Village.
the 2nd Louisville and the Warsaw churches closed this year.

I assume that the Murray Association was in honor of John Murray, the first well known Universalist minister in the Americas. Shelby County is in the current Louisville Metropolitan area. Warsaw is between Louisville and Cincinnati on the Ohio River. Rev. W.B. Chamberlain is still living in town.

GREEN RIVER ASSOCIATION, Rev. W.W. Curry, Madisonville; standing clerk
Ohio County: 1st and 2nd
society has partial ownership of an Union Meeting House in Hartford.
Hancock County: 1st and 2nd
1st Society has a meeting house
Muhlenberg County: 1st
Meeting house in Bremen
Edmondson County: 1st
Davies County: 1st - society is new
Caldwell County: 1st has meeting house - society is new
Butler County: 1st has meeting house

the Green River runs from central Kentucky west throughout about half of the state before flowing north to the Ohio River across from southwest Indiana. Parts of the valley were known as "Rouge's Harbor" in the late 1700s. In the 1840s, locks made the river navigable up to Bowling Green.River

(no association)
Christian County - meeting house Rev W. Babbitt lives in county
Hardin County - meeting house
Hopkinsivlle - L.T. Braizer, not in formal fellowship lives here; Joab Clark lives here
one source says that this town is also known as Masonville, Rev. John Bozworth and Rev. M. Hudson and Rev E. smith living there.
Licking - one source tells me this is currently the area of Blue Licks. Rev J. M. Brain lives in this area, former partialist preacher
New Castle (near Louisville), Rev. J. Chowning, former partialist living there
Caneyville _ Rev C. Miller, and Rev J. Miller, former partialist, living here.
Humphreys (location unknown) - Rev I. R. Semple resides here

itinerant preachers: Aiken James, J. S. Phelps
rev R.J.L. Phelps (brother of J.S. Phelps) discounted preaching for the time being.

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