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Universalist Churches -1847/8

From the Universalist Companion of 1848 - I'll be doing Kentucky separately

Tennessee -
W.C. Brooks, Memphis
M.P. Fisher, Brownsport (former "partialist")
C.H. Gardner, Decatur County
L.M. Gaylord, Memphis
C.F.R. Shehane, Lewisburg (former "partialist")
I. D. Williamson, Memphis
one new minister. a society and a meeting house in Memphis.
W.F. Tannehill, bookseller, Memphis, keeps Universalist books for sale.

Tennessee is a long thin state. Memphis is on the Mississippi River, across from Arkansas and just north of Mississippi. Father D.B. Clayton in Red Springs, Mississippi, is less than 50 miles from Memphis. Brownsport is in Decatur County, halfway between Memphis and Nashville.
Lewisburg is in the middle of the state, halfway between Nashville and Huntsville, Alabama

H. Bain, Norfolk, (not in formal fellowship), later moves to Goldsboro, North Carolina
G.W. Bailey, Richmond
J.L.C. Griffin, Williamsburg (Williamsburg is his home town)
G.L. Lumsden, Bellehaven
Societies in Richmond, Bellehaven, Lynchburg, each owns a meeting house. Sunday Schools in Richmond and Lynchburg. Norfolk is on the coast, just past the Virginia Beach on the James River - go further northwest on the James River and you come to Williamsburg (and the National Historic Site) and go further northwest on the James River up to Richmond. Belle Haven is on the Eastern Shore of Virginia - on the other side of the Chesapeake Bay. lynchburg is in the center of the state, west of Richmond.

North Carolina
State Convention was founded in 1844, Brother William Farrior, of Hallsville is Standing Clerk. Preacher is J. C. Burress (sic) of Kingston (also sic). 1 Church and 17 Union Meeting Halls.
Rev Burruss is best known for his Universalist Herald newspaper in Alabama. Kinston is in the coastal plains, midway between Greenville and Jacksonville (Camp LeJune). Hallsville is in Duplin County 20-30 miles from the current Universalist Churches in Outlaw's Bridge and Red Hill.

South Carolina
State Convention rev. A. Fuller, Salubrity, Standing Clerk. 4 Societies, 9 meeting houses
A.Fuller, Salubrity
J. Mullikin, Slabtown
D.B.Clayton, Dunlapville (see Mississippi)
N.P. Walker, Mountain Shoals (not in full fellowship, former partialist)
S. M. Simon, Newberry Court House (former partialist)
Salubrity was the post office that Allen Fuller had in his home, just south of Liberty SC., slabtown like Salubrity is between modern Clemson and Greenville. Dunlapville is an unknown location, somewhere in Laurens County (not too far from Huntsville). Mountain Shoals is the old name for Enoree, between Spartanburg and Newberry, and Newberry is between Spartanburg and Columbia. The correct spelling is S.M. Simons.

Convention, Rev. James C. Kendrick of Greenville is standing clerk.
1 society at Greenville, 4 meeting Houses, at Coweta County, Cobb county, Lumpkin County and Mulberry Grove. Preachers include
D.H. Porter, Clarksville
J.C. Kendrick, Greenville (not in full fellowship)
H.G. Andrews, Henry County
Greenville is midway between Atlanta and Columbus, Cowetta county contains Senoia (and is close to Greenville), Cobb County is home of Atlanta, Lumpkin County has Dahlonega as county seat- in the middle top of Georgia, the Georgia Goldmine area. - I seem to recall a Georgia Universalist Church that had gold on the property, but not sure which is was., Mulbery Grove is the home of the Rockwell Universalist Church, Georgia's second Universalist Church, founded in 1839. It's between Athens and Atlanta. If this is Clarkesville, it's in the northeast side of Georgia - not far from Tallulah Falls. Harris County is south of Atlanta.

J. Hubbard, Talladega
S.J. McMorris, Wetumpka
J. Martin (unknown, former partialist, not in formal fellowhsip)
No known meeting house (the one at Mobile had been paid for, but lost due to a defective title).
Rev. C.F. Shehane, editor of the RELIGIOUS INVESTIGATOR at Montgomery. This becomes the Universalist Herald.
Talladega is east of Birmingham. Wetumpka is south of Montgomery.

D.B. Clayton is in Red Banks, not SC at this time. No society, but he preaches in the community, and around. West Mississippi, Near the Tennessee line.

I hope that saying where these places are, helps some of us place them better.

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