Saturday, June 09, 2007

Willis Harrison Grigsby

Scott mentioned Grigsby on his blog, so I thought I would do a bit more research --
-- and first of all, I sure hope it was Manford and not me who typoed his name as "Grisby".
The Universalist Register, at one time had him as W. H. Griggsby.

W. H. Grigsby was born October 28, 1838 in Springfield Missouri.
He graduated from "Canton Theological School" in 1868, and married Amelia "Mellie" Willard on August 17, 1868.
In 1869, he served the Universalist Society in Frankfort, N.Y.
Four children were born : Mary Serena in 1870, Willard Channing in 1873, Belle in 1875 (she died one year later), and Ida Virginia in 1878. At which point, 1878 Grigsby wrote his booklet "Genealogy of the Grigsby Family".
1870 in Notasulga, Alabama
1873 Georgia
1874 -1875 in Atlanta, Georgia
1880-1920 in Washington DC, as a clerk for the US Goverment.
He died somewhere in the middle 1920s.

One of the Rev. Spencer Chambers in Guntersville Alabama, named his son: Willis Harrison Grigsby Chambers. (yes, there were two different Universalist Rev. Spencer Chambers in Guntersville, Alabama. Cousins I believe).


Anonymous said...

I am a great great grandson of W.H. Grigsby and interested in any information of his relationship with the Universalist Society. Is there any other information?

SC Universalist said...

Dear anonymous, welcome!
can you give us W. H. death date (and are you related through the Roe family or the other branches?) What sort of work did he do in Washington? What did he do prior to his ordination?
As mentioned earlier, W. H. Grigsby graduated in 1868 from Canton Theological School which then was the Universalist Church seminary at St. Lawrence University in Canton NY. Outside of the Universalist Society in Frankfort (in western NY), I dont have him listed as a settled minister anywhere else. He did however maintain his ministerial fellowship until at least the 1890s. Notasluga, Alabama in 1870 would have been a hotbed of southern Universalists under the spotlight of John Crenshaw Buruss, editor and publisher of the Universalist Herald.

I suspect