Saturday, June 09, 2007

Henry Garst - Dunker and universalist

In my last post, I quote from the MANFORD MONTHLY:

"Tennesse -
Br. Henry Garst (Gabst?), Dunker, of Washington county, Tenn., says he holds to the final restoration of all souls to holiness and happiness. We gladly welcome him to the joys of this great truth."

as mentioned also, "Dunker" was the popular nickname for the German Baptist Brethren Church of the Brethren denomination.

Ok, lets do a little research -
first I see that Garst not Gabst is a popular name in "Dunker" circles in east Tennessee.
second I see that Washington County , TN is where Johnson City is. Johnson City has some nice bookstores as well as an Unitarian-Universalist Church and a Primitive Baptist Universalist church. So the seeds of universalism still exists there.

and a little more looking (in THE BRETHREN ENCYCLOPEDIA), we find his history.
Henry Garst (1820-1898) born near Salem Virginia; Moved to Tennessee in 1837. elected a deacon in 1845, a minister in 1859, and an elder in 1861. He visited all of the NC, TN, Kentucky and Virginia Brethren churches during the civil war. Served at Knob Creek near Johnson City.
an entry on his son (a Brethren and college president) is also included.

So Br. Henry Garst was a small u universalist - and never became a big U Universalist.

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