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Manford's Monthly Magazine 1880 Jan - April

I'm putting parts dealing with southern Universalists from Manford .
This year is 1880.

January 1880
an article on Col. Ingersoll and "Atheist Ranting" and a letter from Joseph Smith III, head of the "Reorganized Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints". This letter denying that his father ever presented a revelation about multiple wives to Brigham Young, as Young stated in 1852. this was a regular part of the III's views as expressed elsewhere.

Feb 1880
"Universalism in Kentucky - Rev. R. H. Eddy who has been preaching in the Church of the Redeemer for several weeks, recently received the following from a friend in Philadelphia:
In 'Sketches of Virginia' by Wm. Henry Foote, pastor of a Presbyterian Church at Rowney, Virginia, he gives a biography of Rev. Cary Allen, a well known revivalist of the presbyterian denomination. Foote says (in 1792 or thereabouts) pp 228 'on Silver Creek Kentucky was a settlement from Virginia - with them was living a Baptist minister, who had removed with them. He had grown lax in his sentiments, and peached Universalism - many admired the doctrine - Allen was invited to preach and the Universalist took is seat alongside - Allen then said, "A man has been preaching here, who tells you he has found a little back door in hell, where you may step out, and get safely round to heaven at last; and because he preached you gulped it. Poison, rank poison.'
I did not know before, that Universalism was known in Kentucky as early as 1792 - I have not however, had A.C.T.'s book to refer to. who was tis Baptist, Universalist Clergyman?"

R. H. Eddy was writing his Universalist history at this point.

March 1880
"The Resurrection -- Rev. William Hale, of Tenn. enquires -- "What think you as to the time that intervenes between death and the resurrection? Is the resurrection simultaneous, or progressive? (the response) We do not believe the spirit dies or sleeps at death, but its immortal existence in continued right on, uninterrupted. Its resurrection, we believe to be its Moral Exaltation which brings it into harmony with all that is pure. The time required to accomplish this grand result, may be longer or shorter in different cases. The original word, rendered resurrection, means elevation - exaltation, which we think refers to the final perfection of the immortal part of man. The gospel of Christ proposes nothing less than this for the entirety of the Adamic race."

"North Carolina -- Br. D. B. Clayton writes in the HERALD: "Our Zealous sisters Jennie Hartsell and Mattie Newberry have resolved on building a neat little church a (sic) Magnolia. They recently started out with a subscription paper, and in about two hours had about $250 subscribed. The amount was increased to $300 before I left. They deserve success, and will, I believe achieve it. Many of the limitarian friends there subscribed liberally. among the number who subscribed for the purpose, was the pastor of the Baptist church there."
"Georgia -- Br. A.G. Strain of Jackson County, has commenced preaching. He is a son of the late B. F. Strain.
"Tennessee -- Br. Wm Hale has organized a church at Free Hill.
"Alabama -- The membership of the Mossey Grove church is thirty six - so says the ATLANTA UNIVERSALIST. "

April 1880
"Preacher converted. - Rev A. J. Carley, of Louisiana , has embraced the truth and joined our church at Camp Hill, Still there is room. Come along Brethren of all denominations.
Georgia --Our brethren in Walker county, think of building a temple. The same of the brethren in Jackson county.


Anonymous said...

John Spencer, "A History of Kentucky Baptist; from 1769 to 1885, Volume 1, page 483-4. Universal Restoration or Hell Redemption was mentioned. "The most prominet advocates of this chimerical notin in Kentucky were John Bailey and William Bledsoe, who were also the most eloquent and influential preacher among the Separates [Baptist]. Bailey was excluded from his people in 1791... Also see pages 231 and 384.

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thanks! good tips