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Manford's Monthly 1879

Manford's Monthly Magazine 1879

January 1879
Manford does an editorial about "Parson Deitzler" from Kentucky who preached a sermon about Universalists, including mentioning an unnamed town in Kentucky that Universalists were the only denomination. Deitzler went on to say that the town became " a perfect Sodom", and finally abandoned for it's wickedness. Manford, of course, asks Universalists to demand that he either name the town or admit that he lied.

Now, I actually wonder I know some of this story..... Manford doesnt name the denomination of Deitzler other than not Universalist, Baptist, or Cambelite. I do know that Methodists had a story of Beverly Allen (the very early ex-Methodist missionary and church leader - best known to be the first person to kill an U.S. Marshall) after escaping jail in Georgia the second time, went to a lawless area of Kentucky and became an Universalist. Up to his dying hours (as the typical Anti-Universalist story went) when he wept to another Methodist missionary about how Universalism wasn't a good religion to die in. While there are holes in this story (Allen's children went with him to Kentucky and apparently were very active in the Methodist Church); I wonder if this might be the building block of Deitzler's story?

February 1879
"Alabama. - A church has been organized in Beebe. Br. T. F. Jones is preaching for it."

I have to admit that I don't know where Beebe Alabama was (or is).
Timothy Faustus Jones was ordained in 1867, and in Big Run, Ohio in 1876 gone by 1892

"Kentucky. - Br. C. C. Connor, a young man of good education and natural ability, a resident of Burlington, proposes soon to enter our ministry and take charge of the Boone County Church. He has been urged by the friends who know his fitness to assume the responsibilities of the preacher, and will probably apply to the Indiana convention for a letter of license. Br. Connor is at present the superintendent of the Boone county Church and is doing a good job for the cause."

Charles Chambers Connor was ordained in 1880, and in 1892 was living in Hamilton Ohio. The church in Burlington, Ky was founded in 1876. It seems to have been short lived.

There is a letter in this issue from Rev D. Williams from Illinois; who mentions taking his church with him, when he went from "Predestination Baptist" to Universalist. This might be a good place for any researches checking the several (many?) Primitive Baptist to Universalist switch in southern Illinois during the late 1800s to start looking.

March 1879
"Tennessee. - Rev. William Hale who was licensed fifteen months ago by the Universalist Convention of Georgia, is an earnest yet solitary sentinel of our Zion in eastern Tennessee. He is busy lecturing and preaching as the opportunity offers. He reports much ignorance of our faith, and the necessity that exists of practical, earnest missionary work in that section."

Georgia. - Rev W. H. Grigsbsy, who graduated in 1868 at the Canton Divinity School, is at the present time Superintendent of the Experimental Farm connected with the "State College of Agriculture and the mechanic Arts of the University of Georgia." He has recently issued a Report which contains a vast amount of scientific and technical information. It is unique among reports of this kind, in that the peculiar genius of the Superintendent runs through every line. Intermingled with phosphates and fertilizers, clearing, fencing, the science o culture, and the organic elements of plants, there is wit, poetry, philosophy and theology, making the report whose racy style will insure its reading. Mr Grigsby was for several years private secretary of Alexander Stephens and subsequently Secretary of the Georgia Senate. He has many friends among his old school-fellows who admired his brilliant and eccentric talents."

(note: spelling of Grigsby corrected. see post on Willis Harrison Grigsby)

Alabama. - Says the STAR: Br. B. Conine of Camp Hill, writing on business, has this word to offer: It has not been quite a year since I became identified with the Universalist Church. I yet find nothing to regret in the change. I love my Methodist brethren as well as ever, and often worship with them. The public mind is undergoing a wonderful change in this country, and the Macedonian cry, "Come and help us" is heard from every direction. "

Britton Conine, of Camp Hill, Alabama

April 1879
"Alabama. - Rev. J. O. Robinson, who debated some time since in Madison county with Rev. S.S. Roripaugh, is now defending the doctrine of the Restitution - so says the (UNIVERSALIST) HERALD.
Br. E. B. Armes, of Garland, in a note says "Our cause is doing well on my circuit which includes Covington, Coffee and Dale County Ala, and Waterton county Florida"

Elias Ball Arms, ordained in 1853. Stephen Leroy Roripaugh ordained in 1856, in New York in the 1870s, moved to California by the 1890s.

July 1879
"Georgia. - Br. K. Strain writes that a Sunday-School has been organized at the Alford Chapel in Meriwether county."

Kossuth Strain -
the brother of A. G. Strain, and son of B.F. Strain. He was helping his brother in Texas in 1893.

August 1879
This issue has an obituary of Rev. (Marmaduke) M. Gardner, who died on May 4th, 1879 at his home near McDade, Texas; after an illness of 8 days. He was born in South Carolina, moved to Mississippi, and then to Texas. He had been the pastor of Church in Williamson county Texas for 25 years. -- I recall that he was born in the Edgefield District of South Carolina, that he was converted to Universalism by the pamphlets given out by William Ives, a traveling salesman.
two of his son-in-laws began preaching in the area the next month.

September 1879
"Georgia Convention will hold its annual session at the Universalist Church in Cherokee county, commencing Friday September 26th.
"Alabama State Convention of Universalists, for 1879, will be held at Camp Hill, Tallapoosa county, commencing on Friday before the fifth Sunday in August, and continuing three days."

"Tennessee - Our people at Free Hill hope soon to build a temple.
Br. Henry Garst (Gabst?), Dunker, of Washington county, Tenn., says he holds to the final restoriation of all souls to holiness and happiness. We gladly welcome him to the joys of this great truth.
Br. Wm. Hales of Tennessee writes that he is actively engaged in the Sunday-school. He writes that some Dunkers in Tennessee have avowed Universalism. "
Alabama - Br. J. C. Kendrick, though far advanced in life, is still eager to proclaim the great salvation. He is at work in South Alabama, and has good meetings; he lately went a distance of forty miles to preach. His regular meetings are at Mossy Grove Church.
North Carolina. Bro. Bowman writes that a Dunker preacher of Mitchell county, N. C.; has withdrawn from his denomination, and applied for license as a Universalist Minister."
Georgia. - Br. J. Parks writes that he expects to organize a church in Athens.
Br. W. C. Bowman has been holding a series of meetings in the Capital building of Atlanta, to audiences that increased all the time. He organized a Church of eleven members, and thinks he will locate in Atlanta. "

Dunkers are the nicknames for the German Baptist Brethren, who dunk three times for Baptism. Small u universalism was part of their doctrine in the 18th century and early 19th.
I suspect I know who the Dunker in Mitchell county is, later moved to Tennessee

October 1879
"Alabama. - Sixteen were added to the Church at Camp Hill recently.
Dr. Jas. O. Robinson, a late convert from the Baptist ministry, is preaching Universalism in Jackson county. "

November 1879 - unknown

December 1879
"Kentucky. - The new temple at Burlington is finished. It is a beautiful building.
Georgia. - Rev. J. D. Cargill, who several years ago labored in Southern Kansas, and is now preaching in the South, recently organized a Society in Mitchell county of twenty-one members."

That would be southwest Georgia.

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