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Garret D. Bailey 1818-1894

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September 1879 Manford's Monthly Magazine
"Bro. Bowman writes that a Dunker preacher of Mitchell county, N. C.; has withdrawn from his denomination, and applied for license as a Universalist Minister."

William Clayton Bowman was living at Bakersville, Mitchell County, NC - and as also reported in Manford getting ready to move to Atlanta, Georgia. So a new western NC Universalist preacher would be good.

This would be Garret. D. Bailey, of Bakersville, NC. (1818 - 1894)

listed in one article as the grower of the biggest Tobacco crop in Mitchell County.

He was fellowshipped into the Universalist Church in 1881.
He was listed still in Bakersville in 1884, He wouldn't last long however.

In their 1892 almanac, he was listed as a minister of the German Baptist Brethren
(now Church of the Brethren and often called Dunker) in Mayday Tennessee.
(Bakersville to Mayday is about 40 miles, but it's mountain miles).
He died in 1894 in Jonesboro TN.

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