Tuesday, June 19, 2007

John Adams of Walton Co. GA

November 24, 1892 The Christian Leader

The State Convention Of Universalists met with the Church at Consolation Sept. 23, Mr John Adams, the President in the chair. Prayer by Rev. Thomas Chapman. Sermons made the bulk of the work. "

This particular John Adams was born 23 October 1820 in Walton County, Georgia.
He died on 8 Feb 1904 in Walton County, Georgia, and was buried in Adams' Family Cemetery in the Gratis Community in Walton County.

He married Martha ("Patsy") Shepard Camp on 17 October 1844.
Martha (1814-1876). This was her second marriage and is first.
She was a charter member of the "Center Hill Baptist Church" in 1867, which was near the Adams homeplace. She became a Methodist before her death.
While a farmer, John Adams made shoes for soldiers in the 1860s.

He married Martha Ellen Park in 15, November 1876. She is also burried at the Adams family cemetery. She was an Universalist. Adams was president of the Georgia Convention for several years.
There is apparently a genealogical booklet about him entitled "John Adams of Walton Co. GA" (1973)


Anonymous said...

John Adams of Walton Co. was my husband's great grandfather. We maintain the Adams cemetery. We have never known of his involvement in the Universalist church.

SC Universalist said...

Welcome Adams Family! My wife is a descendant of Thomas Hilley, as was Patsy Shepard Adams, if your connection to Adams is through her, then we are inlaws!
John Adams was vice president of the Georgia Univeralist Convention in 1896. Im afraid I dont know about 1895. i know he attended early Universalist Conventions, as mentioned earlier in this blog, he had owned a copy of Rev. D. B. Clayton's biography --"Inscription on front end page indicating that the book was bought from author on Aug 30, 1889 by original owner (John Adams) at a price of $1.75." he bought the book at the Georgia Convention.
I had planned to look at the Adams cometery as part of my spring 2009 Atlanta to Athens Georgia tour. I will try to mention this closer to a year and a half from now, if yall want to either meet me or hide from me. thanks for writing in.

steven r

Anonymous said...

My husband's great grandmother was Ellen Park Adams, John's 2nd wife.

Anonymous said...

John Adams is my great-great grandfather. Do you have any ideas where one could find the booklet "John Adams of Walton Co. GA" (1973)? Much appreciated!

Michael Hearn

SC Universalist said...

I have not seen this booklet, but Worldcat tells me that copies can be found in the Madison Georgia Uncle Remus Regional library, and the Indiana State library. It was written by Hope Perry Breedlove.