Friday, December 23, 2005

Universalist Companion 1850 - SC

1846 lists 3 preachers in SC, with John (J. A. ) Chapman retturning his letter of fellowhipA. Fuller (Salubrity), J. Mullikin, (Slabtown), D.B.Clayton (Dunlapville)Fuller is the standing clerk of the State Convention; 4 societies, 8 meeting houses (also listed as 9!) - . Abbeville, Charleston, Fairfield, Lexington, Newberry (2), Anderson, Laurens (2-union) . Portlow's in Abbeville is the new meeting house.

1850 SC "Convention meets according to previous adjournment - usually in August.
Rev. A. Fuller, Salubrity, standing clerk.
societies: no reports
meeting houses: 9
Preachers: A. Fuller, Salubrity,
S. M. Simons, Steedmans, formerly partialist minister.
N. P. Walkers, Mountain Shoals

summary: 1 convention, 4 societies, 9 meeting-houses, and 3 preachers.

2005 summary. in 4 years, number of preachers the same: D. B. Clayton is preaching in Red Banks, Mississippi. Fuller is close to moving west.

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