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Kentucky 1846

it's only fair for me to add Kentucky to the list --thus completing the list of 1846 known U
in the southeast - from Virginia to Mississippi . Louisiana and Texas and those west of the Mississippi River might be considered south (and since D.B. Clayton preached in Texas, it could indeed be the south), but I figure anygoing west of Mississippi is wild west! sr.

Kentucky --
Convention . -- Oganized in 1844-- meets on last Friday in August. Rev E. M. Pingree, Lousiville, S. Clerk.
Associations. -- LICKING RIVER - meets on the last Friday in July. Rev. Davis Bacon, Cynthiana, Standing Clerk. GREEN RIVER - organized in 1845 -- meets on the Friday preceding the third Monday in August. Br. John Hayden, Standing Clerk. MURRAY - organized in 1845 - meets on the second Friday in July. Rev. E. M. Pingree, Standing Clerk
Societies - 1st in Harrison co. 18 members; Warsaw 32 ms; Louisville 102 members, sunday school of 150 scholars, 16 teachers, and a library of 200 volumes, and has a good meeting house, and constant preaching; 1st in Shelby County, 6 members, is building; has preaching one-fourth; 1st, 2nd, and 3rd Societies in Ohio County; 1st in Hancock county; 1st in Butler county; 1st in Christian County Bank Lick, Hartford and Hillsborough - total 13
Meeting Houses -- Bank Lick, Louisville, Harford (Union) - 3

preachers and p.o. address

D. Bacon - Cynthiana
J. Bozarth - unknown address - not in formal fellowship
J. M. Brain - Licking - Not in formal fellowship, former partailist
L. T. Brasher - Christian County - not in formal fellowship
W. C. Brooks - Louisville
W. B. Chamberlin - Warsaw, not in formal fellowship
J. Chowning - New Castle, not in formal fellowship, former partalist
J. Clark, Christianburg, not in formal fellowship
C.G. Cox, Leesburg
W.W. Curry, Clay Village
J. Miller, Caneyille, former partalist
J. S. Phelps, Morgantown
R. J.. L. Phelps, Morgantown
E. M. Pingree, Louisville
I. R. Semple, Brandenbury, not in formal fellowship
E. Smith, Haynesville
A. J. Smith, unknown address - not in formal fellowship, former partialist
S.Stirman, Cynthiana, not in formal fellowship
C. B. Tharp, Paris, former partialist
new preachers, 7 - total 19

N. B. -- We are mainly indebted to Br. E. M. Pingree for the foregoing. A new association was to have been formed in July, but we have recieved no returns, of course.
Summary - One convetion, 3 Associations, 13 societies, 3 meeting-houses, and 19 preachers.

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