Tuesday, December 13, 2005

Allen Fuller part one

Kim Wilson has been sending me stuff on Allen Fuller and on the Anderson Church, so let me og ahead and start with Rev Fuller. let me do this by going backwards - those of you impatient can go check the two volume history of the Universalist Church - where Rev Fuller is mentioned several times

1860 Alabama Jefferson County location: Truss
Allen Fuller, 62, farmer property worth $2,000 born: Mass.
Tabitha Fuller, 63 born: SC
(M.A. Worthington two doors down -born SC)

while Tabitha Summers Worthington Fuller's birth and date dates (and places) are easy to find -- her second husband Allen Fuller isnt --- thus this census tells us he was born about 1798 in Mass -- which is very useful.

His death is noted in D. B. Clayton's autobiography, he notes that it wasnt mentioned in the denomination literature. both of the Fullers would be deceased in three years.

more to come, lots more!

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