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Allen Fuller Part 4

Kim Wilson sent me what was included in part 2-3 (and inspired me to do part 1)
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Pendleton Messenger, 20 July 1838,
Independence Day celebration at Goodwill;
Declaration read by Joshua Owen Jr.; oration by Rev. Allen Fuller. Allen Fuller, "South Carolina: May the Patriotism of her citizens nullify the asperity of party feelings, and unite all hearts in the cause of liberty."

Marriage and Death Notices from Pendleton (SC) Messenger, 58:
"Died at his residence in this district [23 Sep. 1838] ...Mr. John Brewer... a member of the first Universalist Society in Anderson District from its organization to the time of his death... funeral address by Rev. Allen Fuller."

Old "Salubrity Spring" On April 6, 1839, Allen Fuller was appointed postmaster of Salubrity Post Office. The post office was located on his farm termed Salubrity, a name which suggests that Allen perhaps considered his location healthful.

Pendleton Messenger, 5 July 1839,
"Universalist Meeting.--Mr. Fuller has been appointed to preach at the Meeting House near Bachelor's Retreat, on the 3d Sunday in the present month.

blogowner's note: this is about near or is the present day Westminister, SC

June 27, 1839."Pendleton Messenger, 9 Aug. 1839,
"A public Discussion is appointed to be held at Anderson C. H. on the 15th inst., between Rev. Sanford Vandiver, Baptist, and Rev. Allen Fuller, Universalist. Mr. Vandiver has engaged to support the affirmative of the two following propositions, and Mr. Fuller the negative of the same, viz: 1. That the Scriptures teach, that the punishment due to sin is endless in its duration. 2. That such punishment is consistent with the justice of God.Gen. Thomas Wright and Gen. J. N. Whitner, two of the Moderators appointed to preside at the Discussion, have signified their acceptance. Should the weather be favourable, doubtless, a considerable number of people will attend."

Pendleton Messenger, 15 Oct. 1841, report of 11 Oct. 1841 Pickens Dist. Temperance Society meeting, Pres. J. L. Kennedy, Acting Sec'y Miles M. Norton. Prayer by Rev. Jos. Grisham, addresses by Grisham and Rev. Allen Fuller. Resolution by Fuller to appoint committee of three "to draft a memorial to the legislature for the repeal of the suttler's Law"; "very excellent remarks from Gen. Whitner"; resolution unanimously adopted. Meeting again tomorrow night "after the business of the Bible Society be dispensed with." Two new members joined.

South Carolina Temperance Advocate, 28 Oct. 1841. Report from Pickens Dist. Society at courthouse formed ca. 1838, 120 members. Grain-raising district, many distillers. Temperance mtg. at Court House this past Monday, speakers Rev. Jos. Grisham, Rev. Allen Fuller, Gen. J. N. Whitner. Tues night mtg. following Bible Society mtg., chairman Gen. Whitner. Central Committee to form auxiliary societies in each Battalion of dist.: Rev. Joseph Grisham, Rev. J. L. Kennedy, Col. M. M. Norton, Silas Kirksey Esq., Rev. A. Fuller, and John Adair Esq. Speaker: attorney Peter S. Vandiver of Anderson. Committee to receive subscriptions to _Temperance Advocate_: Capt. James W. Harrison, Col. M. M. Norton, and Capt. Levi N. Robins. "It is a matter of much gratification to be able to state, that we have not a retail shop in the village, and there is but one or two men in the place, who have not pledged themselves in some way or other not to drink spirits."

Pendleton Messenger, 10 Dec.1841, notice for meeting of Pickens Dist. Temp. Society meeting, 12 o'clock, Christmas Day, at Bachelor's Retreat, to form a society at that place. Chairman Joseph Grisham, Committee: Rev. J. L. Kennedy, Rev. Allen Fuller, Col. M. M. Norton, and John Adair Esq. South Carolina Temperance Advocate, 13 Jan. 1842, report from Pickens Dist. Temperance Society. Met at Bachelor's Retreat, Christmas day at noon, Chairman Capt. Leonard Towers, speakers Rev. J. L. Kennedy, A. Fuller, and J. Grisham. Formed a Total Abstinance Society with 15-20 people. Elected President John Verner Esq. (Rev. soldier and magistrate), V. P. Rev. James Holland, Sec'y L. P. Verner. Revs. T. B. Maulden and J. Grisham preached at Bachelor's Retreat on Sunday, informed congregation of formation of new Temp. Soc, about 25 joined.

South Carolina Temperance Advocate, 17 Feb. 1842, ltr. from A. F. [Allen Fuller] Salubrity SC. Pledge recently adopted by Bachelor's Retreat Temperance Society: "We, whose names are underwritten, being fully convinced of the great evils resulting from the use of intoxicating liquors, either as a common beverage, or as an expression of friendship, and _having determined_ that we will not use them ourselves, or furnish them for the use of others, except as a necessary medicine, and that we will use every justifiable means to discountenance the manufacture, sale, and use of such liqours, so associate ourselves together as a Temperance Society, for the purpose of making known this determination, and therefore exerting all the influence we possess, and strengthening the hands of others who are engaged in promoting the cause of Temperance."

South Carolina Temperance Advocate, 21 April 1842 [from the Pendleton Messenger], temperance meeting at Pickens C. H., 21 March 1842. President Rev. J. L. Kennedy; prayer by Rev. James Holland; address by Gen. Whitner. P. S. Vandiver Esq. called to give speech, "excused himself, as he said he could not, in consequence of being much engaged in the business of the court, make his ideas 'hang together' on the subject." "The invitation then being general and pressing, Joseph Powell, Esq. arose, and congratulated himself on not having become a sacrifice to intemperance, as he had been a vendor of the poisonous stuff, and in a very animated manner continued his remarks for a short time in favour of the reformation which is going on, though not himself a member of a Temperance Society." Speeches by Rev. A. Fuller and former distiller Rev. James Holland. M. M. Norton offered resolutions to be more responsive to Executive Committee in terms of more frequent meetings, reporting to the state society, and establishing auxilliary societies. Met agian Tuesday, prayer by Kennedy, remarks by Gen. Whitner "mostly in answer to an objection which is by some made to the withholding of license by the Commissioners of Roads, showing in the most satisfactory manner that the granting of license was most injurious in every point of view." Remarks by Maj. Creswell, "expressed his intention of becoming a member of the Society, and of devoting a portion of his time, talents and purse, to the promotion of this good cause." Remarks by Rev. Joseph Grisham "mostly in answer to the charge against the Society, that there is 'something behind the curtain,' some desire to take from the people that Liberty which they have so long enjoyed." Committee of five appointed to meet at Ebenezer Campground to form auxilliary: Rev. Joseph Grisham, Rev. W. G. Mullinix, Rev. T. B. Mauldin, Maj. J. H. Creswell, and Rev. Jas. Holland. Twenty-seven more names added during court week.

Pendleton Messenger, 6 May 1842, formation of Pendleton Total Abstinence Society with 31 signatures "among which were those of several ladies." Meeting at Methodist church, 3 May. Chairman Thomas M. Sloan, prayer by Rev. A. W. Ross. Pledge: "We the undersigned so hereby pledge ourselves not to use as a beverage, Wine, Spiritous of Malt Liquors, that we will not offer them to others, and will exert our influence to prevent the use of them." "Gentlemen" chosen as officers: Pres. Mr. Thomas M. Sloan, VP Mr. J. W. Warley, Sec'y Mr. G. T. Anderson. Executive committee appointed by president: Col. D. S. Taylor, Dr. Wm. L. Jenkins, Rev. A. W. Ross, Messrs. A. Fuller, C. P. Dupre, George Boggs, J. A. Shanklin, Wm. Paterson, J. B. Sitton, Elam Sharpe Jr. Others named: J. Hastie, E. B. Benson.

South Carolina Temperance Advocate, 23 June 1842, letter from A. Fuller, Pickensville. Meeting 4 June 1842 at Pickensville, chairman James Henderson Esq., prayer by Rev. Mr. Arnold, addresses by Rev. J. L. Kennedy and A. Fuller. Pledge for Total Abstinance from all intoxicating liquors read "and signatures solicited; upon which Rev. T. S. Daniels arose and expressed his determination to attach his name to the pledge, and, in a very appropriate manner, gave his reasons for doing so." A new society was organized of 50 members--34 males and 16 females--"the greater part of the signatures to the Pledge had been obtained previous to the meeting by the active exertions of a few warm friends in that vicinity." Chose officers: Pres. James Henderson Esq., VP Wm. H. Ariail, Sec;y Dr. Robert H. Archer. Rev. T. S. Daniels orator for next mtg. Pendleton Messenger, 24 June 1842, "Proceedings of the Temperance Meeting at Providence Meeting House, Pickens District, S. C." Signed by Chairman T. G. Boggs, Sec'y A. Fuller. Meeting at Providence M. H. near Salubrity, 17 June, to form society at that place. Prayer by Rev. W. G. Mullinix; speakers: Mr. G. W. Boggs, A. Fuller, J. L. Kennedy, W. G. Mullinix, and J. Grisham. "An invitation was then given to any person, who might be opposed to the Temperance cause, to speak in opposition"; no one came forward. Pledge of total abstinence read and approved, 60 signatures including 26 males and 34 females. Committee to draft constitution: A. Fuller, W. Boggs, A. E. McDonnell, and T. G. Boggs. Mr. J. Augustus Shanklin invited to address next meeting on 2nd Saturday in July.

Pendleton Messenger, 1 July 1842, letter to the editor from A. F. [Allen Fuller], Salubrity, 18 June 1842. [Long, interesting letter refuting 17 June extract from Southern Review] "I would persuade all who have espoused this cause, as well as all who advocate it in public to avoid mingling it with any other question, moral, political, or religious. It is a cause good enough to stand alone, without uniting it with any other; and all attempts to amalgamate it with party politics, or religious sectarianism, have proved ruinous to its progress. Hence I would urge every temperance man to act in political matters according to the dictates of his own conscience, without concert, and give his vote for that candidate which he believes is best qualified for the office." Denies that Temp. Associations are arrogant or composed of dangerous mobs.

Pendleton Messenger, 15 July 1842, ltr. from A. Fuller, Salubrity, 9 July 1842. Organizational meeting of Salubrity Temperance Society of Pickens Dist. SC held 9 July, now 67 members. Addresses by Mr. E. M. Keith and Mr. A. E. McDonnell. Elected officers: Pres. Thomas G. Boggs, VP A. E. McDonnell, Sec'y Allen Fuller. Appointed delegates to Greenville convention: A. Fuller, S. J. Chamblin, Aaron Boggs, Jeptha Lay, Wm. Boggs, T. G. Boggs. Question to be discussed at next meeting: "Are Temperance Societies calculated to answer the purpose for which they are intended?" "Those who are opposed to Temperance Societies, who assert they are not calculated to answer the purpose for which they are intended, are respectfully invited to attend that meeting, and show that their views are correct."

South Carolina Temperance Advocate, 21 July 1842, ltr. from A. Fuller, Salubrity, 9 July 1842. Meeting of Salubrity Temperance Society of Pickens Dist. SC held 9 July, now 67 members. Addresses by Mr. E. M. Keith and Mr. A. E. McDonnell. Elected officers: Pres. Thomas G. Boggs, VP A. E. McDonnell, Sec'y Allen Fuller. Appointed delegates to Greenville convention: A. Fuller, S. J. Chamblin, Aaron Boggs, Jeptha Lay, Wm. Boggs, T. G. Boggs.
Temperance Convention Delegates Source: The Permanent Temperance Documents Published By The State Temperance Soc.,Vol. I p. 406 Delegates to the State Temperance Convention held at Greenville on August 8, 1842Pickens District Delegates Rev. J. L. Kennedy, M. M. Norton, John O. Grisham, L. N. Robbins, Rev. W. G. Mullinax, E. E. Alexander, L. Thomas, A. S. Briggs, Samuel Mosely, Silas Kirksey, James W. Harrison, Rev. H. T. Arnold, Geo. Dilworth, Harvey Kenneymore, Richard Burdine, James Robinson, Rev. Allen Fuller, S. J. Chambling, Aaron Boggs, Geo. W. Boggs, Wm. Boggs, and T. G. Boggs.

Pendleton Messenger, 3 Feb. 1843,
ad for blacksmithing work, A. Fuller.

Pendleton Messenger, 24 March 1843, notice, Temperance address by Judge O'Neall, Salubrity Temperance Society, Mt. Zion M. H., 1 April, 12 o'clock. A. Fuller, Sec.

South Carolina Temperance Advocate, 13 Apr. 1843, ltr. from Pickens Dist. Temp. Soc., 6 April 1843, Pickens C. H. Met "Tuesday morning of Court" to organize a district society, as recommended by Greenville Convention. Chairman Rev. J. L. Kennedy, Committee to draft constitution: Col. M. M. Norton, Maj. Young Davis, Rev. A. Fuller. Committee to nominate officers: Rev. Jos. Grisham, Rev. A. Fuller, Capt. L. N. Robins, Rev. Jas. Holland, N. Boon Esq., Thos. G. Boggs, Rev. H. T. Arnold, Jno. Verner Esq., Capt. Wm. C. Lee, Maj. Young Davis, A. P. Reeder, Thos. W. Harben Esq., Capt. L. Towers, T. J . Zachary, and Simpson Dickson.Elected officers: Pres. Silas Kirksey Esq., Sec'y Col. Miles M. Norton, VPs: Thos W. Harben Esq. of Bachelor's Retreat, John Adair Esq. of West Union, Maj. Jas. W. Harrison of Pickens CH, Maj. Jos. B. Reid of Pumpkintown, Jas. Robenson Esq. of Mount Carmel, S. J. Chamlin of Salubrity, Wm. Ellis of Wolf Creek, Jas. Henderson Esq. of Pickensville. Executive committee: Silas Kirksey Esq., Col. Miles M. Norton, Col. Joseph Burnett, Wm. D. Steele Esq., and Capt. Lemuel Thomas.

Pendleton Messenger, 20 Oct. 1843, report of meeting, Farmer's Society of Pendleton, 2nd Thursday in October. Dinner at Mr. Cherry's long room, "purely agricultural toasts." Rev. A. Fuller: "The agricultural interest; one which is identical in every part of the Union."Pendleton Messenger, 8 March 1844, candidates for Pickens Dist. Ordinary: John Q. Adams, Allen Fuller [Rev. Wm. McGee elected in Anderson Dist. at previous election].

Pendleton Messenger, 10 July 1845, editorial abstracting local 4th of July celebrations. "The seventieth anniversary of American Independence was not publicly celebrated at this place, but in various parts of the district the citizens of the several neighbourhoods assembled and paid the usual demonstrations of respect to the day." Wolf Creek, Pickens Dist., 1500-2000 people, prayer by Rev. Mr. Dean, D. of I read by William Hunter Esq., oration by Col. J. W. Norris Jr., President Col. John O. Hendrix, VP G. T. Anderson Esq. Sharon Meeting House, 7 mi. west of here, temperance meeting, 3-400 men and women, D. of I. by Capt. Thomas H. Russell, temperance address by Rev. J. L. Kennedy, addresses by Rev. A. Fuller and Rev. W. G. Mullinix. Highland School house, 5 mi. from here, 2-300 people, D. of I. by Capt. Robert A. Steele. Bachelor's Retreat, ca. 1000 people, oration by Col. J. L. Orr. Cheohee celbration by Pickens "mountaineers." Anderson C. H. celebration at a nearby spring [Bensons?] "attended by a large number of Ladies and gentlemen."

South Carolina Temperance Advocate, 7 Aug. 1845, "Proceedings of the State Agricultural Society of S. Carolina," held 30 July 1845, Newberry Court House. Among those attending: VP J. B. O'Neall, J. T. Whitfield, J. H. McCann, Allen Fuller, J. Creswell.South Carolina Temperance Advocate, 11 Sep. 1845, letter from Allen Fuller, Sec'y, report of Salubrity Temperance Society meeting, 16 Aug., Sharon Meeting House. Address and resolution by A. Fuller: "Resolved, that the practice of treating at elections is one of the great obstacles to the complete triumph of the Temperance Reformation-one which is not only expensive to the candidates, and degrading to those who are thus controlled, but which has a direct tendency to subvert all the benefits of the elective franchise: we therefore earnestly recommend to every citizen to use his influence to discountenance this pernicious practice, and to regard any attempt to obtain his vote by this means as an insult to the dignity of a freeman. Election of officers: Pres. Rev. Wm. G. Mullinax, VP Thos. H. Russell, Sec'y Allen Fuller. Voted to meet for thanksgiving and prayer on Dec. 25, when a temperance sermon will be preached. Next meeting in Oct. at Sharon meeting House.

South Carolina Temperance Advocate, 23 July 1846, letter from A. Fuller, Sec'y, Salubrity SC, 11 July 1846. Report that no delegate will attend Aiken convention, now 169 members, added 20 since last year. Society "rather inactive the past year," well-attended 4th of July celebration on cold-water principles, speakers: Rev. J. L. Kennedy, A. Fuller, William G. Mullinax. "We hope this will be the means of advancing the temperance cause in this vicinity." "There was a Barbecue at Wolf Creek on the 4th, at which the lovers of strong drink assembled in multitudes. The candidates for office were there, and dealt out the liquor in profusion, and profanity, drunkenness and quarrelling were the order of the day. One of its advocates admitted that it was the most disorderly company he had ever seen. Such are the results of the two principles." Pendleton Messenger, 16 Oct. 1846, lengthy report from Salubrity Temperance Society, held at Providence M. H., Pickens Dist., 10 Oct., to consider Aiken Resolutions. Committee: A. Fuller, Thos. Boggs, D. K. Hamilton, F. N. Glenn, and Aaron Boggs. Found recommendation to petition the Legislature to be "directly opposed to the principles avowed at the Convention in Greenville; and the Resolution relating to Candidates who treat, if not inconsistent with those principles, as, at least, of doubtful policy." "We are perfectly willing that the Legislature should authorize the people to decide the question by popular ballot, whether such liquors shall, or shall not be retailed in their several districts"

1850 Pickens Dist. SC, p. 19 #158:
Allen Fuller 53 mw Preacher Uln. MA,
Tabitha ? SC,
Francis Smith 17 mw SC----------

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