Tuesday, December 27, 2005

Harmony Meeting House (William Owen. clerk)

via Kim Wilson

Pendleton Messenger, 14 July 1837, Independence Day celebration at Goodwill, "a new store... between 23 and 26 mile creeks." William Owen, "May South Carolina prove herself the key-stone of the federal union by a strict adherence to the principles of democracy."

Pendleton Messenger, 20 July 1838, Independence Day celebration at Goodwill. William Owen, "Our State Legislature: In the plenitude of their liberality, may the poor be remembered."Pendleton Messenger, 20 July 1838, "Notice.--The Universalist Society at Harmony Meeting House, Anderson District, designs to commemorate the death of Christ by the communion of the supper, on the 5th Sunday of the 29th inst. Brethren from a distance are invited to attend. An invitation is also extended to Christians of all other sects to unite with us, and join in celebrating the divine love of our divine master. There is some expectation that the Rev. Mr. Andrews from Georgia, will preach on that occasion. By the order of the Society, Wm. Owen, Clerk. July 3d, 1838."

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boyinthebands said...

I wonder if L. F. W. Andrews was at the first/organizing meeting of the Georgia Convention, later in 1838.

Have to look it up.

-- Scott Wells