Thursday, July 07, 2005

Welcome to Me and to Thee!

Yet another Blog by someone who doesnt know how to blog?? yep! So tis! Not only that, its a UU blog! and an amateur historian! and a non-speller (where's spell check in this thing?) -- what the point of reading this thing? Well, as time goes on, I hope to talk about historical Universalist figures in the southeast - from Father Clayton to Rev Fuller. From Liberty Universalist to Red Hill and Outlaw's Bridge. Sorta like what I used to do on Neil C's old SC Universalist website (and I state I didnt realize I was copying it when I started using it - but obviously I was! so a tip of the hat to him! ) And by the way, if anyone has any of my old posts from that website......... I'll be happy to repost them here!

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SC Universalist said...

I get more impressed by bloggers who have a clarity of thought now that I am writing one.

to clarify:
Neil Carrick had a website that was called the SC Universalist Convention and was at and i participated in the postings there. I apparently without actually realizing it, took the SC Universalist name as my own -- first for an email address and now for the title of this blog.....
so, consider these comments, my tip of the hat to Neil.