Sunday, July 31, 2005

Cemetery Walking

We were going to Columbia SC, for other reasons, so I decided to go visit Elmwood cemetery and found the grave of the Universalist minister, Athalia Johnson Irwin. The last time I was at Elmwood, I went up to the office and asked where a plot was, and they gave me a map marked and off I went...
.... This time the office was closed. As we wondered around the cemetery (a pastime that both my wife and I enjoy), we concluded that the last time was during a special weekend sale (we both recall the big banners offering plots).
While we have great percentages of finding gravesites (we once drove past a likely cemetery spot, pulled over on a whim, and found a tombstone of one of my forbearers), Elmwood is one of those big big places.
Knowing the local library has a book to Elmwood, we drove there, and got the number of the area andt plot number and gravesite number (but noticed no map to numbers in the book)- and then after our meeting returned to Elmwood. We knew where areas 20 and 44 were, and we were looking for a site inbetween. But Elmwood doesn't list numbers on the roads, or in the plots themselves either -- after searching for where it may be, gave up and came home. (well, we went to a bookstore and dinner first)

After getting home - pulled out my map to discover, the numbers run in zig-zag
--- ok, so at least I know know about where it is, so the next time I should be able to find it.

and of course, will be able to pass the info on to others as well....
.. but obviously not all explorations result in completions!

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