Thursday, July 14, 2005

today in the UL May 14, 1898

The Universalist Leader volume 1 Number 24 May 14, 1898 Boston and Chicago Personals Mrs. C.D. Howard of St. Paul;s Church in Chicago one of its oldest members, is now sojourning in Thomasville, Ga. Rev. J.S. Cook is preaching in Urbana Illinois and is the superintendant for the state. I believe that he moved to Mountville SC in the 1910s, but will need to doublecheck.
U.S.Milborn mentions that the "Our Belief, Protests, and Reasons" in the April 30th issue was actually the work of Rev. Harry L. Veazey of Knoxville, TN.
Dr McGlauflu is the YPCU southern missionary
the Kentucky convention is to be May 27th -29th at Hodkinsville. W.T.Davis, sec
Wellsburg, WV Mary A. Harding, wife of J.A. Harding, passed to the higher life. she was 87 years and 5 months. mebers of the Auburndale, Me church
Brewton, Al: annual meeting was held April 24th. Brother Leavitt salary was paid in full, and they kept him on another year, and hope to build a parsonage. 27 new members this year.
Atlanta, Ga: Dr. Shutter preached every evening and twice on sundays for 12 days. He was entertained by Mr. Hamilton Douglas, and by Dr. McGluflin, F.M. Coker gave $500 to the building fund.
cent a day contributions:
Magnolia, NC 3.65
Camp Hill, Al 7.30
misc contrib:
Fairfax Va (individuals) 5.00
japan mission
Norfolk, Va (individuals) 3.33

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