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UL January 12 1907

UL January 12 1907

Miss Maude Kearns of Durham NC elected leader of the NC WNMA

UL January 19 1907

Universalist Leader Jan 19, 1907 --Women's Mission Page

Ada C. Bowles - Greenville NC Jan 1, 1907

The first of December found me on the farm of Mrs. Lanie Hauser among the health breathing pines. The Christmas party was over in the little white church in the wildwood.

After two services in the Woodington church, I repacked my suit-case for Kinston, called upon the old friends, and brought up the missionary correspondence to a level; attended the Mission Circle meeting; and preached to a good audience in the nice hall of the Knights of Honor.

I heartly echo Dr. Shinn's voice for a church in Kinston, a lively town growing in strength and importance. What a Sunday school could be had of the descendants of Zaccheus and Mary Rhodes, so steadfast and true to their faith! Some twenty of them now under sixteen, to say nothing of their parents. The Woodington church, seven miles in the country over a bad road, is the nearest Universalist church. Mrs. Rhodes, Mrs Ford, the new Mission Circle president and a few others still faithfully meet to sew and keep alive a helpful service.

Off in the clear cold weather to Greenville, to be met at the station by "Sherriff King" still so called though out of that and other county offices for years. As he was a member of the first Constitutional Assembly after the war, and County Commissioner and Register of Deeds, he is often called Honorable, and by reason of fondness for the title by Southern people, "colonel" King. and he looks stalwart enough and impressive enough, with his full grey beard, to wear all his titles.

In the home of the Kings and their daughter and son-in-law, Larry Moore, Esq., a rising lawyer, I have been beautifully entertained for more than two weeks. I have held three services in the Delphia k. Moye Chapel and tired hard to establish a Sunday school, but finally had to abandon the hope. There is really no family of Universalists in the place save Mr., and Mrs. King, both past seventy. It is clear than upon Brother King, his faithful wife, (who will soon place her nmae and that of Mrs. Moye upon the list of our Life Members) together with a few Universalists living in the country, the maintance of Universalism in Greenville rests.

Owing to the chantge of program I was compelled to make, there was no celebration for children in Finch. The sudden death of Dr. Brantley's mother, seemed the chief reason for this.

I am still hoping to get the box which left Spencer Mass., Dec 5 by rail and that from Boston, Dec 10th. The box and barrel from Norwood, Mass., arrived promptly and their contrents war being distributed. also from Washington came a nice box for New Year's, from the National treauser and other friends, which wil help our Durham work. From Box 58 Madrid Sorings, NY, came some dainty things by mail which have been used as rewards of merit. The Mission Circle of Victor, New yoir,k notifies me of two barrels sent to Magnolia from which point I shall distribut eh contents. although details of distribution are not given in these letters to THE LEADER, the donors recieve by private letters the assurnce of grateful acceptance.

The work for December is thus summerd: Travel, 75 miles. Services, Woodington 2, Kinston 1, Greenville 3. Life membership 2; Laymen's League 1; letters written 79. distribution: Barrels 2; Boxes 2; mail packages, 1. all barrels for the remainder of the season may be sent to the one address of Durham, NC. All receipts to be mailwed promplty to me. Thid does not apply to barrels already asked to be sent to other places. All mail can be addressed to Hotel Woodard, Rocky Mount, NC until jan 20. After that care of E.O. P{atterson, Durham NC.

Jan 6, 1907 I go from here tomorrow morning to Magnolia, to distrubte tow barrels, see about eh Mission Circle; preach, if the bronchitis will allow; retun here to instruct the new Mission Circle, and then to Finch for three or four days of preaching and lecturing; back here and then off to Durham, ehre the Board hope to engage a Hall at once to begin preaching on the 27th of January of Feb. 3rd and see what a little hard work will do. The YPCU of Pennsylvania wish to help through its Postoffice department.

report of the Missionary to the South for December 1906 ( Steven's note: this is shinn?)

Sermons preached 13: as follows
Brunswick, Tenn 2
birmingham, al 1
Atlanta, Ga 1
Canon, Ga 2
Bethel, SC 2 (this is Bethel church near Saluda?)
Union School, SC 1 (no idea where this is, Union the town?)
Mountville, SC 1
Marion, Mass 1
Mattapositte, Mass 1

(snip) "In South Carolina, efforts are being made to settle a state pastor."
1 new member added in Woodenton

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