Saturday, July 09, 2005

today in the UL feb 12, 1898

Among other things that i hope to do is to list various articles in the Universalist papers regarding southeast Universalist news - this would be more helpful if I had copies of the Universalist Herald, but I have to work with what Ive got.

the Universalist Leader Volume 1, #11 Boston and Chicago - Saturday February 12, 1898
20 pp tabloid paper - Geo. H. Emerson, J.S. Cantrell editors
page 5 From Our Mission Field, Q.H. Shinn goes to Tampa Florida, Grahamville Florida, Silver Spring run (yep, a boat ride), Jacksonville Florida, written Feb 2 from Laurel Hill, Florida
names include: S.P. Whitcomb (from Tarpon Springs?), Captain J. F. Chase (formerly of Maine, wounded in Gettysburg, - now living in St. Petersburg), Mr. Blodgett and "little" Irving Crenshaw (formerly of Plymouth N.H. now living in Ocala? or is this just Blodgett, and the Crenshaw the gentleman below?), Mrs. Majaw, fromerly of NYC and one of Dr. T.J. Sawyer's parishioners- from Grahamville Florida.
"The other family are the Crenshaws, formerly of North Carolina, and old friends of Dr. D.B. Clayton. Mr. Crenshaw's wife and daughters have grown out of the Baptist faith and are ready to join the Universalist Church, and plans were made for organizing. Dr. Clayton has made to two visits and preached to the people who came glady to hear his message of glad tidings. (snip)
Mr. Crenshaw is in the turpentine business, which is now very remunerative. (snip) Mr. Crenshaw, who is one of those whole hearted Southerns, who is happiest when giving pleasure to others.... (snip) "

this issue also contains an ad for the Universalist Herald , published at Canon, Ga; "devoted to the interests of the Universalist Church in the South". if one subscribes to both the Leader and the Herald, one can get this usual $3 subscriptions for $2.50.

this is the only issue of the Leader, that ive seen to contain fiction! (although i would guess issues from around the same age probably do) for the family and young folks. thus the blurb: A Family Paper

" cent-a-day pledges" came from the following churches for January 1898
Camp Hill, Alabama $5
Richmond, Virginia 3.65
Five Points, Alabama $2.00
Mobile, Alabama $10.17

for the Japan Mission
Richmond, Virginia (an individual) $10
Fork Ridge, WVA (ypcu) 1


Christopher Trottier said...

I thought the Universalists merged with the Unitarians.

SC Universalist said...

The Universalists did indeed merge with the Unitarians - but not until the early 1960s. There is almost 200 years of American Universalist history prior to that.
(and yes, there was a small u universalist Church in SC in the 1760s).