Friday, September 08, 2006

Newspaper Archives via Google - Clayton

As someone else has noticed, besides Google Books - there is Google News Archives,
giving us 1-2 sentence news items from the past.

to whet our appetites:

Atlanta constitution (and also run in Fort Wayne Weekly sentential)
April 14, 1895
"D. B. Clayton, one of the oldest ministers in the Country, of Columbia, SC, arrived in the city yesterday, and will preach at the Knights of Pythias Hall on...."

Atlanta constitution
September 12, 1897 somehow mentions D. B. Clayton and Thomas Chapman and convention.
the Georgia Universalist Convention?

A lot more on one of Clayton's son - a SC politician -- to be a SC politician back then, was to be an Episcopalian - so I guess I cant mention him here, right? Even though he was advocating on Feb 18, 1895 mixing cotton seed meal and corn meal as food for humans.......
No wonder his dead headed for Georgia as soon as the weather warmed!

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