Thursday, August 31, 2006

Stuff I Wonder about

I wonder if Sherrif -Constable J. L. (Leonard) McGowin (McGowan) - who shot "Railroad Bill" in Atmore, Alabama in 1896 was a member of the Universalist McGowans.... Unless somebody pops up and answers this, it will be awhile before I start sorting the McGowans...... but the location seems right for the family.
(and if you dont know the song, I'd wonder how you managed.... ride railroad bill)

Another guy I wondered about, and I hope to have an answer sometime - is a rather famous SC native, who founded what is now a state surported school, who always went by "Rev" on the school's website. I see that back in the 185os, he is mentioned in the Universalist Register as an Universalist minister. Clayton mentions him in his book, as a boyhood friend and a small u universalist, but not as an Universalist minister. The school's website and other historic sites doesnt list his denomination. Hmmm. If he indeed was an universalist minister, this is another lasting contribution to southern history by a southern universalist.

I had someone (well the UUCF) mention my blog, but hinting i did a bit more theology on the blog than I do; should I add more theology? either Southern or not? historical or not?

I note I now get more LWMA searchers than anything else, should I talk more about them?
- add grin here -

Steven R

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