Friday, September 29, 2006

George Rogers (1804-1846) part 1 - the biography

George Rogers 1804-1846

died young, 42 is very young to those of us over that age.
short with a high pitched voice.

Born in the United Kingdom, came with his grandmother to the United States in 1818.
spent some time in orphanages in Philadelphia -
in the 1820s, he moved up and down the Atlantic coastline as a traveling non-denominational minister. Around 1829, his studies of the Bible convinced him that the trinity was un-Biblical, that Christ's mission was to reconcile man with God (and not God with man). He became an Universalist in 1830, and began preaching in Philadelphia, Brooklyn, and parts north. He was fellowshiped in 1831, and ordained in 1832. In 1834, he was the first Universalist minister in Pittsburgh, and returning in 1835, he organized an Universalist society, and helped them get a minister.
He moved himself, his wife and child to Cincinnati in 1836, and that remained his base until his death. He became the editor for the local Universalist paper, Sentinel and Star in the West. However he continued to spend most of his time on the road (or on the river). He made at least 6 missionary trips to the midsouth
By 1841, his problems with arthritis worsened. He continued to travel, going north to Maine and Upper Canada, south to New Orleans, east to the Atlantic Ocean, west to Iowa. There were only three states he didn't preach in (the Carolinas and Vermont).

Pros and Cons of Universalism 1838, 4 printings, 5,000 copies
Memoranda 1845
Universalist Hymn Book 1842 (at least 2 later printings)

this is based on Russell E. Miller's THE LARGER HOPE
part 2 of this will be based on memoranda itself and Roger's southern journeys.

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