Thursday, September 28, 2006

UUCF Universalism issue

The Unitarian Universalist Christian
published by the Unitarian Universalist Christian Fellowship has a special issue on Universalism.

Mark W. Harris does a real good article on "Hosea Ballou's TREATISE at 200"
Peter Hughes points out some historical problems in the Chronology of early New England Universalism -
Ernest Cassara has an article on Universalism in the American Experience
Duke Gray looks at What Does the Scripture say about Universal Salvation
Alan Seaburg visits Crane Theological School
and some book reviews

To expand slightly on what I say above, I find Mark giving me, what I feel a very clear understanding of what Ballou has to say - about his loving Calvinist God. He hasnt quite gotten me to be a Calvinist, but Im more likey to not think of it as a dirty word.

If you send $50, you can join the UUCF, it even says right here on this publication that copies are $50, but Rev Ron Robinson says that folks reading this blog can get a copy for $18.
Send to Unitarian Universalist Christian Fellowship ; P.O. box 6702, Turley, Ok 74156

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