Wednesday, September 13, 2006

John Stancill - part 2

"The First preacher of Universalism of whom we have heard of in North Carolina, was Mr. John Stansel, of Johnstone County. He had been a preacher in some other denomination; but about thirty- two or three years ago, he changed his sentiments and became an Universalist, or Hell Redemptionist as he was called. He retained his views until the hour of his death, and died regretting that he could leave no one behind him to follow up the work. About the same time, although unknown to Mr. Stansel, there was an Universalist preacher lower down in the state, by the name of Tatum.


The Modern History of Universalism: From the Era of the Reformation to the Present TimeBy Thomas Whittemore
(1830) published by Whittemore, Boston, MA

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