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Universalist Miscellany 1843

Because of family emergencies, I wasnt able to sit down with Rogers book and an atlas,
this weekend....

so instead, Southern Universalism taken from the Universalist Miscellany July 1843- June 1844. Rev Otis Skinner and E. H. Chapin, co-editors
Chapin had been minister in Richmond Virginia.

#1 July 1843
"Experimental Proof the Highest Evidence for the Truth of Christianity" (E. H. Chapin)

#5 November 1843
United States Convention of Universalists. met in Akron Ohio, in September 1843.
Rev. E. M.Pringree of kentucky, asst Clerk
"resolved that this Convention does not recognize, but diapproves any test of fellowhip in our denomination, or a fitness for a seat in our councils, other than those founded on christian faith and characther, and established by Chirst and his apostles."
(this is response to a vote last session that it is improper for persons who drink alchol to be a delegate). also passed a motion that slave owners re-consider the policy of bondage. Next convention to be in Baltimore in September of 1844.
George Rogers was a deligate from Ohio. E. M. Pingree and A.W. Bruce representing Kentucky.

#8 Febuary 1844
"Dissertation on the Word Gehenna (L. Willis) currently in Mass, later Charleston

#9 March 1844
"The Father Seen In the Son" (E. M. Pingree)
"Christ and the Woman of Samaria" (E. H. Chapin)

#11 May 1844
"Human Nature" (E. H Chapin)

not alot, but next volume (1844-5) contains lists of new ministers and new churches.

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