Saturday, May 06, 2006

UC - Our Home, day 2

Long day at the church - but a long great day!

Day starts with a service by the Rev. Derek Parker -
a wonderful preacher, and he would seem to be a wonderful minister....

Rev Gordon Gibson talked about Mississippi's own Judith S. Murray -

I attended the Rev. Doak Mansfield's talk on Social Justice, and how to do it - I confess to always enjoying hearing liberal southern preachers - the sound feels good! Heard some good ideas

There was a talk about Unitarians in southeast Europe and the hope for a Universalist future there.

Martha Thompson spoke about the UUSC

and last, but far from last: the dynamic Linda Foshee spoke on the history of Universalism in the deep south - lots of singing and slides! Very fun way to end a productive day.

(note that I didnt make any comment about the food..... or the fellowship ... I ran out of superlatives!)


Anonymous said...

Dang, I'm jealous! I would have loved to have been there but my work would not allow it. Thanks for keeping us up to speed on what happened.

My partner is scheduled to preach at Outlaw's Bridge in two weeks. Can't wait to see those wonderful folks.

Greensboro, NC

SC Universalist said...

That would be the sermon on "Universalism and other Dangerous Ideas"? sounds like a good topic!
there were six folks from OB at the convocation -
next year at Ohio, the year after at Clara Barton's place!