Sunday, May 14, 2006

Last current thoughts on Mississippi

I'm probably not going to post anymore on Mississippi, untill i get my pictures in (one set is at the developers, the others probably will have another 10 pictures to go....)

"Our Home Universalist Unitarian Church" is a wonderful name...
they had a timeline on the wall of important church events, and photographs of past ministers (and layleaders) - thus keeping their history alive to current and next generations. I wish I had copied the dates of ministers - especially since ive been trying to keep up with Rev Rasnake who was there (if my memory serves) from c1942 to his death in 1950.
I bought souvineers of course, t-shirts (on sale) and a cd-r of "Free Chruch of Jones", a bluegrass single recorded in 1983 by Papa Reece Owens (off an LP made at that time). Probably the only bluegrass UU Church song; certainly one of only a handful of UU church songs.
Went to Buruss Memorial , where the hurricane damage was worse than at Our Home - It looks as if there may be some structual damage inside. There was reports of vandalism, but I couldnt tell which was hurricane and which was vandal. We pulled out two Universalist books out of the boxes of books - one a copy of one of I. M. Atwood's contributions to the "Manuals and Faith and Duty" -- and the other, a copy of D.B. Clayton's "47 Years in the Universalist Ministry". I found it interesting that the cover binding was a different color than mine, and that there wasnt a photograph of Clayton as the frontpiece. Apparently there were two editions?

If you're in southwest Mississippi near I-59 on Sunday Morning at either Ellisville or Laurel; stop by "Our Home"! I suspect that you'll be glad you did.


boyinthebands said...

Which Manual of Faith and Duty was it?

SC Universalist said...

Im not 100% sure (and Linda F of "Our Home" became the caretaker of the book for Burrus Memorial) - but I do know it was by I. M. Atwood; did he do any others other than #3 Revelation?
Were there more than 9 in the series?