Tuesday, May 23, 2006

More Rev Daniel B. Clayton Genealogical stuff

At the Universalist Convocation, I asked a question about Rev Daniel Clayton, and I was told (by someone, CS?) that I was the expert on Clayton! Hmm... i dont know if I would go that far, although I confess I do know some of the trivia ... Clayton had a great granddaughter who married a guy who pitched for the Brooklyn Dodgers!

Anyway, while Clayton and his second wife and two of his sons are burried in Columbia, SC;

In the Red Banks Cemetery in Red Banks, Mississippi
are burried

William Clayton (May 13, 1791-August 5, 1856)
Elizabeth Clayton (September 24, 1794-December 26, 1869)
this would be D,B,'s father and step-mother. At least I hope this is the step-mother.

also burried there
Rebecca B. Clayton (November 5, 1821 - September 7, 1847)
married November 5, 1839
yes, she married D. B. on her 18th birthday - died before her 26th.
He calls her the love of his life.
Sallie Clayton (died August 18, 1856, age 10 months)
the daughter of Clayton and his second wife Mary A.
Her formal name was Sarah, and she was born on October 18.

Other Claytons in the cemetary, I havent done research on D.B.'s half siblings and cousins.

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