Sunday, May 28, 2006

C. F. R. Shehane

I wish I knew more about the Rev C. F. R. Shehane; but from what little I do know, Im glad I didnt KNOW C.F.R. Shehane.... but all I wanted to do today is to quote a blurb taken from the June 22, 1855 issue of the Vermont Patriot of Montpelier, Vt. I'm not sure I necessarily believe it, although I dont really doubt it was published! " UNIVERSALIST PREACHER FATHER SHEHANE - called by the people "the walking Bible". In an Alabama court it was discovered there was no Bible, so the judge had the jurors swear by placing their hands on the preacher."


boyinthebands said...

He suffered some kind of mental illness late in life -- he died young; 1857, I think -- that caused him to behave erratically and drive away many of the people who had once supported him. The editors of the Universalist Herald begged tolerance and understanding and tried (unsuccessfully I think) to raise money for a monument for his grave, and money to support his widow. (Readers objected to the later because Mrs. Shehane had grown -- if not adult -- sons to take care of her.)

I own a copy of his book, a very, very rare edition called "A Key to Universalism" which leads me think he was quite an eccentric.

SC Universalist said...

Pretty good memory.
Charles Francis Rollin (1803-1857)

Married Susannah N. White on August 1, 1836 in Wilkes County, Georgia.

Cambellite Minister and Associate editor on a Cambellite paper in Evergreen, SC (right near the Georgia border) in November 1837.

1843-1844 Edited and Published the 2nd volume of the weekly paper MESSENGER OF GLAD TIDINGS in Columbua Georgia.

1847- Edited and Published the RELIGIOUS REFORMER, a monthly in Montgomery Alabama in 1847, Wetumpka 1848, Notasulga in 1849 with the name changed to RELIGIOUS INVESTIGATOR. In that year, he sold it to John C. Burruss; who changed the name to the UNIVERSALIST HERALD.

1854 (or 55) KEY TO UNIVERSALISM, published in Griffin, Georgia.

1857, started the newspaper SOUTHERN PROGRESSIONIST. Published in Newnan, Georgia just a few miles from Shehane's own state of Alabama.

SC Universalist said...

and more - (so how does the mouse always slip on "publish"?)

Campbelite minister c1829-c1841

converted to Universalism 1841.
Living in Henry County Georgia.

most of this info (except full name, dates, marriage and Evergreen SC) come from Russell E. Miller book.

not listed (that I see) in the Universalist Companion for 1846.
the 185o volume lists him in Notasulga, preaching and working on the Religious Investigator with J.C. Burruss. (this volume was probably published in Summer of 1849).

Anonymous said...

I have a copy of Shehane's "A Key to Universalism" I will be listing it on eBay, starting Thursday night July 5th, 2007. The auction will run for 10 days. It is a true first edition from 1854.