Sunday, October 22, 2006

blogging and 1870s story

I was going to post this below mild story on another blog - but that blog just removed commenting and their email address -- and now only allow "team members" to post. Not sure if this is just a response to an abusive poster (my guess) or a temporary accident or what. But it does explain why everyone of my blogs in now comment moderated.

and as soon as I post a non-history stuff, I hear about the possiblity of linkage of various history sites and blogs -- so now I have to figure if I want to continue to add non-history universalism stuff to this blog or not... hmmm


you might then (or might not) appreciate this story - taken from an 1870s Universalist publication.

The preacher told us that the Church always ended with the Lords Prayer, and that he gave annoucements right before that. So after the sermon, he got to the annouements and said "Next week, the pulpit will be supplied by Rev Skinner. I know that most of you want to know a little bit about a strange pastor, so I'll say that he has been called the best looking pastor in Maine....." Needless to say after annoucement, we didnt pay as much attention as we should have to the prayer.


boyinthebands said...

Goodness, I wonder if that was Charles Augustus Skinner (Clarence's grandfather) -- but there were a number of Universalist ministers named Skinner to wonder.

SC Universalist said...

I should have guessed I'd get caught on this one....

in the actual publication, he's called by one initial (and the location was listed as inital of this state).

If I had just posted this as a comment on another blog, then this would have been fine, but on a "history" blog - I should have known better.....naturally someone interest in history would want to figure out who this was! duh!
I'll still reserve the right to change a story to make it fit modern times better, but I'll note such when I change those stories here!

(i dont recall if the inital was S or some other)

StevenR (redfaced)