Monday, October 16, 2006

Universalists in Charleston - part B

Jehovah's Fitness wrote inquiring about Universalists in Charleston...
- see

for what I know on the Charleston Universalists.

I also previously on this blog wrote a blurb about the missing "No-Hell cemetery" in Charleston.

however, recently I read in the Charleston Geanological society newsletter than a new "old" cemetery was found there this year (2006), and I wondered if this might the Universalist cemetery. As far as I know Shecut's (who is historically important in SC history) - gravesite is unknown.
your question awakens me to the fact that they are not listed in the 1846 or 1850 Universalist Companion. I don't have any of the earliest issues - but if Rev Case was there until 1844, and Rev Newell in the 1850s, why isn't it in the Register?

Maxey B. Newell (1807 - 1868)
born Ma, in Ma in 1840,in Norfork Va from 1840 - 1844, in Rhode Island 1845, 1849, Vermont 1868. (dates may be wrong) - but does have time to be in Charleston in the 1850s. Fisk made the papers quite a bit when he was there, quite a rebel rouser (and left the ministry to become a professional rebel rouser).
nor do I have access to anything that might give a clue as to who besides Shecut was a member.


boyinthebands said...

Of course, the Charleston Universalists are interesting for having an early Trinitarian organization. Later, perhaps for this reason or the difficulty of travel, they were absent from state convention business, which was concentrated in the western part of the state.

I would love to see the guide they published -- 1828, I think; working from memory -- but never have.

The cause celebre there was calling Paul Dean, their one-time minister better known for his work in Massachusetts a "bishop." Quite reasonable from a NT perspective, but it raised hackles elsewhere in the denomination.


SC Universalist said...

I know they printed a lot of pamplets (two by Fisk on banking problems)
and LFW Andrews did a newspaper (of course) while he was there.
I dunno the 1828 guide (i dont think), what was it?

yes, the Charleston church is unsusal in that it was the only Universalist Church in SC - not in the Dutch Fork area (if we consider Columbia in the Dutch Fork).
For those who dont know, the upper SC area between the Saluda and Broad River were settled by folks of German ancestry.