Tuesday, August 29, 2006

More "What I've been up to"

Back on August 13th, I played tourist by going up to Greensboro NC (as some of you with long memories know) - I went to the nearby Battle of Almanace battlefield. This 1771 battle was the upcountry settlers against the Costal British "taxation without represntation" Government. My wife had ancestors who apparently were involved in the pre-Battle attacks on the land speculators in German central North Carolina, and she also had ancestors on the pro-British squash them flat military side. The Teagues also were on the list of folks not granted a pardon, and they quickly moved down to SC, where some of them eventually became Universalists. I found it interesting that one of the leaders of the NC Regulators (who was not at the battle being a Quaker), Herman Husbands, moved back to Pa, and was later envolved in the Whiskey Rebellion. Not Universalist connected - but sill of interest. i noticed that there is alot of Friends in the eastern North Carolina area where Universalists also flourished - worth looking into.
We also looked at the battle of Guilford's Courthouse, and atteneded First Day Service at the NewGarden meeting House. And of course wondered around the tombstones. I suspect I'll need to know more about Lutherans and Morivans and other German of the Carolinas - the more you know, the more you need to find out....

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