Monday, July 24, 2006

Saluda SC and Brewton Al

Not that I can tie in Saluda SC and Brewton Al Universalist Church(es) - but I was thinking of both yesterday and today.

Someone was telling me yesterday that they were in the Saluda SC church building 20-25 years ago, and was able to see stars that had been painted on the interior roof of the church. They asked me if that was common in Universalist Churches - I dont think so...

At one time, the Brewton Alabama Universalist Church was one of the largest in the south. In the 1950s Rev. Richard W. Knost had his radio show "Universalist Hour" broadcast from there. Not sure when the church ended - but the building is currently housing the
Cornestone Community Church of God. Families would be McGowan, Miller, etc.


Jonathon Smith said...

Hi. Do you know the location of the church in Saluda, SC? I know of a church that has often been referred to as Universalist but I know hardly anything about it. Here is a picture I took of the building.

SC Universalist said...

yes - (and i wrote this under the photo)
This is Bethel Universalist Church, in the old Mount Elon community. organized in 1887- building built circa 1888. Last used as a church in 1960.
Door frames and plywood was put up in 2004 - disappointed to see vandals have removed the plywood.
Member families were Blease, Coleman, Pitts, Chapman.
Rev Thomas Chapman (1866-1944) buried in the grave yard across the road, had been the Southern Missionary minister in the 1930s, and before that superintendent of the North Carolina churches. Near him is Rev John A. Chapman, Universalist minister turned Swedenborgian and SC history writer.