Friday, July 14, 2006

"Who knows where the time goes"

I see it's been a full month since I posted here - doesnt seem that long...

been on the road some of those times (two weekends in Raleigh for family buisness - and yes my nephew will be going to Guillford College - a College associated with the Society of Friends. And No, I wont be having him do research for me on those Teagues and other SC Friends who became Universalists.

I've also been having to work ! And to be honest, the sort of work I do can be draining
(yeah, yeah, I know - isnt that why they call it work instead of play?)

But I havent been totaly forgetting southern Universalist history -
- I recently read "We Would be One: A History of Unitarian Universalist Youth Movements" which i will mention later the various southern universalist parts -

Im currently reading the "Procedings of the Universalist Centennial .... 1870"
There is a report from a distant relative (about her Sunday School), Mrs Outlaw refuses to be discouarged - thank goodness. And yes, I will quote here.

I continue with my other interests, done a lot of work for a tribute to artist Al Hartley, and a tribute to editor / writer Richard Hughes just reprinted, has inserted a credit for work i did 20 years ago, and never recieved credit for. i continue to visit revolutionary war sites in the Carolinas (there are well over 200 in SC alone, so i dont really expect to get to all of them).

Lastly, I honor my father-in-law by watching episodes of Maison Ikkoku -
(a mild joke that nobody will get - least of all him)

and did you know, it's hot in the south??
no wonder they drank alot of booze - and why the Universalists were temperance.....

best wishes all
steven r

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