Monday, July 17, 2006


In the mail today was a copy of VOICES OF THE FAITH: A BIRTHDAY BOOK, by J. W. Hanson.
"Containing a selection for Every Day of the Year from Writers expressing the Universalist Faith"
(4th edition 1891)

so like most folk I checked my birthday ( in my case it's August 13) and much to my surprise.
it's a quote by Rev. D. B. Clayton

"An important work will be done toward the saving of this word and the saving of every soul in it, when intemperance and licentiousness and gambling, and all forms of oppression, and all other great moral evils, are done away. Every dram-shop, every gambling hall, every all of intemperance, or gambling, or licentousness that exists, is a force working against the cause of universal salvation; and the degree that we give it any countenance or support we are woking against the will of God. When we profess belief in the final salvation of all; when we declare it to be God's will, and then give countenance to, or fail to contend against, anything that corrupts morals, or deadens spirtual life - is there any greater impiety than that?"

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